The Internet Loves This Butt-Sculpting Underwear — Move Over, TikTok Leggings

by Alesandra Dubin
butt underwear

Remember that time the whole internet was obsessed with those butt-sculpting leggings? Oh right, it’s still that time right now.

And if you’re among those who love a wardrobe staple that does wonders for your tush, let us present your next obsession. Meet Leonisa’s bestselling butt-lifting panties.

Yes, it’s underwear — so unlike leggings, you can wear them with literally everything (and the super-flat seam keeps them out of sight under clothes). And you won’t need squats (or general anesthesia) to see results: The secret is in the rounded padding. You can even layer in extra pads for major badonkadonk. (Bonus: the padding makes it comfier to sit, too. Win-win!) If you’re just going for subtler shaping, slip the padding out of these skivvies altogether.

And yes — they’re $40. But they’ll last you a long, long time. Made with DuraFit (78% polyamide, 22% elastane), you can wash these as many times as you’d like, and they don’t stretch out, fit weird, or wear out.

One reviewer gushes, “They give my rear end a much-needed lift. Look fabulous with jeans or your favorite dress. Very well made and comfortable!”

Another says, “This is my second pair of these panties. For me my shape is more wide so I turn the pads sideways so that it covers better. I work out a lot and people always say to me ‘your working out is really improving your butt’ they don’t know that it’s the underwear. I feel really good when I’m wearing them!”

We also love Leonisa’s high cut panty shaper, which “separates your cheeks for a butt lift look.” But it’s still comfortable and way cheaper than a butt lift. Comfort and butt for days? Now that’s a winning combination.

Leonisa has whole store dedicated to intimates both on Amazon and their own site. They sell everything from postpartum underwear, to shape wear, to bras, and more.