Over 34,000 Reviewers Gave This Cozy Burrito Blanket A 5-Star Rating!

by Kate Antoniades
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burrito blanket

Curling up on the couch with a cozy blanket is one of the best simple pleasures in life. But to take it to the next level, don’t just wrap yourself up like a burrito — BECOME a burrito. This bestselling burrito blanket, which looks just like a huge tortilla, has racked up 34,000 5-star reviews at Amazon with a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating overall! It comes in four sizes from 47” to 80″, which is almost as big as the giant burritos my husband gets from his favorite food truck.

My favorite part of the product description is this important question: “Have you ever wanted to be a giant tortilla, burrito, or any tortilla-based food?” I mean, who HASN’T dreamed of being a tortilla-based food? (For me, it would be a quesadilla.)

If burritos aren’t your thing and you’d rather pretend to be a giant pizza, pie, or waffle (hey, you do you), the company makes blankets with those designs, too. Each one would make a fun gift that will definitely make the recipient smile (or at least raise an eyebrow and look at you with a puzzled expression).

The title of this customer review sums it up perfectly: “Soft, Fun, Hunger-inducing.” The reviewer, J. Taylor, went on to write, “I get laughs and/or smiles every time I wrap myself up in it in public (football games, etc.). My son-in-law loves it so much, I bought him one for a Christmas surprise.”

Miranda Sanchez via Amazon

Not surprisingly, kids love this thing too, as “Breeze” writes: “[My son] is 11 and loves it, he takes it everywhere in the house and even spreads it on the floor while he’s playing Xbox. He wraps it around him while he watches movies in the living room.”

At only $19.99, this blanket will keep you happy and warm … just like a real burrito.

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