The Best Mom Recommended Cashmere Sweaters For Him

The Coziest Cashmere For Cool Guys Everywhere — Because Dads Deserve Nice Things, Too

Best Cashmere for Men

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to give to the number one guy in your/your littles’ life, consider cashmere. It’s the perfect present for dads for a few reasons: one: it’s just luxe enough that he prob won’t buy it for himself, two: it’s suuuper soft, and three: it’ll step up his wardrobe game (so he actually has something nice to wear to your cousin’s engagement party next week).

“There is something so inherently luxurious about cashmere,” says Zoey Washington, a fashion editor and stylist who has worked with Elle and Essence. “Like silk, the way it feels and even just the mention of it can lead to higher prices, but in reality cashmere is softer, lighter, and keeps you warmer than wool.” The finer grade of cashmere fibers = more $$$, but it’s totally possible to score less expensive cashmere…if you know where to look, she notes.

Cashmere seems too impractical for #dadlife, thanks to your ketchup-obsessed toddler? Know this: you (ahem, your partner) *can* wash it at home, no dry cleaner trips required. We like the wool and cashmere shampoo from The Laundress for this express purpose. Simply turn your sweaters inside out, launder in a mesh bag (you fancy!) and toss in a couple capfuls of this specialty soap. Run it on the delicate cycle, then lay flat to dry. (Or you can hand wash if you find a spare 5 minutes.)

But dads must do their due diligence—cashmere (and any sweater, for that matter) must be folded, not hung on a hanger, Washington adds, or you risk stretching out the precious fibers.

For our favorite dad-friendly cashmere that won’t break the bank (or rack up a sky-high dry-cleaning bill), spy our picks from Amazon, Everlane, Naadam and more.

Everlane The Grade-A Cashmere Crew

It’s tough to find good cashmere for under $150, much less one that’s as ethically produced as Everlane’s. With transparent production and pricing, you know you’re getting what you pay for here, which is why Everlane is one of our favorite brands across the board. But their cashmere is hard to beat. A grade-A sweater might run you upwards of $280 other places, thanks to its longer, thinner fibers (did you know cashmere comes from goats?!). Everlane’s Grade-A cashmere crewneck sweater is bound to become a closet staple for your man for years to come. “My boyfriend’s favorite sweater!” exclaimed one reviewer. “The last one lasted 4 years!.” We recommend getting him one in a modern neutral, like this mossy green, that surprisingly goes with everything else in his closet.


Cashmeren Men's Essential Knit Pullover Sweater

Even if he’s not traditionally “a turtleneck guy,” we’re betting he’ll convert for this buttery-soft, chestnut-hued cashmere-merino blend. The roll-down neck will keep him extra cozy on blustery days, but won’t trap in heat if he runs warm, thanks to that wool-cashmere combo. As his personal stylist, sweetly suggest that he pair it with a casual blazer or sportcoat for the office, or with jeans and his best dad sneakers (you know the ones) for a day with you and the fam. We love the just-right price and the fact that it comes in eight (!) colors. So hard to choooooose. Maybe get two? Reviewers note that this runs small, so size up.


Naadam Wool Cashmere Ribbed Turtleneck

Highly breathable, wrinkle-free, no-pilling, and odor-blocking, this medium-weight cashmere ribbed turtleneck from Naadam checks all the boxes. It’s super soft and pillowy, meaning that it might end up in your closet eventually, let’s be honest. But in the meantime, say hello to major date night vibes: He can pair this extra cuddly ribbed sweater with dark jeans or khakis to take you out on the town (or, um, pad thai + Netflix on the couch). Here’s a fun fact: almost all Mongolian cashmere is organic, but not all cashmere is environmentally sustainable. Naadam is dedicated to sustainable, top-of-the-line cashmere, so you both can rest easy knowing this sweater was ethically harvested and produced (did we mention the goats?).


State Fusio Men's Button Down Mock Neck Sweater

Maybe your guy cleans up nice, but he doesn’t do it quietly: From constant queries on where he left his “good” glasses to grumbles about stiff dress shoes and itchy sweaters, he needs a little (or a lot of) help. This cashmere-merino blend is a no-brainer when he needs to look sharp in a snap for a fancier occasion—and thanks to its super-soft handfeel, there’ll be no complaints from the itch department. The sleek, slim fit is super modern, and with a customizable button-neck, it can work amazingly well with an Oxford shirt and a tie for a work presentation as it does over top his favorite dad-rock band t-shirt for a day spent running the kids between soccer and swim lessons. A real multi-tasker, just like him.


Williams Cashmere Men's 100% Cashmere Hoodie Sweater

If he’s strictly a hoodie guy, casually swap in this 100% cashmere situation and see if you can’t convince him of its luxuriousness over standard-issue fleece.  Just like you have “good” leggings and “nice” sweatshirts, he needs his range of fancy loungewear, too. After all, dad-ing can be exhausting and exhilarating all at once, and he requires a sweater that’s up to the task—warm, durable—but also comfy enough to doze in while waiting for your youngest to finally fall asleep. “Incredibly soft and warm,” writes Kenton W. on Amazon. Extra details like buttons at the collar and a kangaroo pouch add style *and* functionality (i.e. a spot for his phone).


Naadam Cotton Cashmere Sweatshirt

Washington’s top recommendation when cashmere-shopping? “Invest in solid buys that will stand the test of time and will work for different occasions.” Enter the cotton cashmere sweatshirt from Naadam.

You’ll be thanking the universe when this blended sweater replaces that ancient behemoth of a fleece he’s had since college. With its streamlined shape and modern color (faded army green goes with anything and everything, thanksverymuch), tossing on this sweatshirt on a Saturday will land him squarely in the Cool Dads camp at your neighbor’s kid’s birthday party.


State Cashmere Men's Essential Crewneck Sweater

“Just like moms, dads have to wear many hats and should look pulled together whether they are running errands, heading to work or hanging out on the weekend,” says Washington. Topping our list is this classic crewneck sweater that lends a relaxed vibe without looking too slouchy, meaning it can fit in practically anywhere. With jeans and a ball cap, it’s great for an evening out with his dudes, but with a collared shirt and a fitted trouser, it can work equally well at the office or parents’ night at preschool. An unfussy crewneck makes this 100% Mongolian cashmere topper extra versatile—layer it over everything from t-shirts to button-downs.


Bonobos Cotton Cashmere Half-Zip

If your guy loves a layer as much as we do (pile ‘em on!), then the Cotton Cashmere Half-Zip sweater from Bonobos is the wardrobe workhorse he’s been missing. It’s the ideal transitional piece for dressing between seasons—when it’s too hot for a jacket but too chilly to go without. We also love that this pullover is available in two different fits: slim or standard, so you can really tailor it to his frame. Did we mention it’s crazy soft, breathable and looks damn sophisticated? Now the only hard part is choosing between the navy herringbone, blue stripe, or grey heather pattern. Godspeed!


Oh, your guy needs other clothes, too? More men’s fashion right this way. (He’s so lucky to have you!)

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