This Cordless, Portable Blow Dryer Is What Our Mornings Were Missing

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Styling your hair with heated tools is a double-edged sword. While tools like hair straighteners and dryers can style your hair to perfection, they can also cause tons of damage that end up making your strands look worse than they did to begin with. That’s why you need a blowdryer with built-in heat protection, like the Dolce Cordless Portable Hair Dryer.

Once you get your hands on this high-end tool, you’ll never look back. Aside from doing less damage to your locks while boosting shine and smoothness, the Dolce Cordless Portable Hair Dryer is also super efficient with a high-velocity jet for speedier drying times, which comes in real handy when you have a toddler begging you for snacks while you’re trying to get ready.

Fewer flyaways anywhere? You bet. The Dolce is lightweight and portable, too, so you can travel with it anywhere—even on the weekend camping trip that sounded like a good idea during one of your Zoom-school-induced breakdowns. The cordless battery holds power for up to three hours of continuous use, so you can charge it up and toss it in your overnight bag, leaving the bulky-to-pack base and plug at home. Although it may not have been designed with busy parents in mind, the cordless design also makes it easy to supervise the kids while staying on task.

Dolce Beauty is known for marrying technology with convenience and is a trusted supplier of salons, stylists, and customers all over the world. Get their cordless portable hair dryer in pink and grey or sleek all-black while it’s on sale for $109.95 (reg. $199), a savings of 45%.

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