Crazy Cyber Monday Deals On Toys & Games That Make Perfect Presents

by Valerie Williams
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cyber monday toy deals

Like you, this story will get better with age. Keep checking back through Cyber Monday as we add even more great deals.

Of course, we’re also shopping for the kids this Cyber Monday. And, to be honest, it’d be a missed opportunity to pass on these CM sales with the holidays coming up.

Since we know your kids have been working on holiday wish lists (and repeating each item to you a zillion times), there’s no need to pause on shopping the below toys and games. Why? Because we all know what they really want and because kids are *relentless*.

From a drone for beginners that comes with an HD camera to a Playstation 4 Console to a light-up constellation globe that doubles as a nightlight, there are some fun picks here they’ll love, even if they haven’t asked for it just yet.

Go get ’em, mamas!

25% OFF (was $399)

32% OFF (was $50)

38% OFF (was $50)

8% OFF (was $324)

33% OFF (was $60)

11% OFF (was $90)

20% OFF (was $100)

66% OFF (was $59)

20% OFF (was $150)

32% OFF (was $25)

20% OFF (was $25)

58% OFF (was $100)

33% OFF (was $30)

40% OFF (was $20)

21% OFF (was $30)

Like these deals? There’s more where that came from! Our favorite Cyber Monday sales are at the ready!


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