People Are Raving About This 'SUPER Deep' Massage Gun — And It's On Mega Sale Now

by Olivia Harvey
massage gun
Getty Images/ AndreyPopov

Social distancing and staying at home to remain healthy has resulted in people resorting to taking things like haircuts, manicures, and massages into their own hands. But thankfully, that latter just got a lot easier (and cheaper) thanks to the BUTYCE Massage Gun, which is currently marked down from its original $199.99 price to just $149.99.

Marketed as a deep tissue portable muscle massager for pain relief, the BUTYCE has a 24-hour battery life and comes with eight different massage heads, each of which serves a unique purpose for relaxing neck muscles, improving muscle plasticity, deep tissue massage, and massaging bulk muscle groups like thighs and biceps. The 4.8-star-rated BUTYCE massage gun also runs at seven different speeds, so you can get as gentle or deep a massage as you’d like.

“Very powerful massager,” one reviewer, who gave the BUTYCE massage gun a five-star rating, wrote. “It gets SUPER deep. I have recently started back running and this is a lifesaver I’ve had it for 3 weeks, used it 10x times for around 5 minutes every time, and the battery lights still show fully charged.”

Another five-star reviewer wrote, “Perfect for anyone who lifts heavy, or is heavily active.” They continued, “I work out every day, and my friends have been raving about these machines for a year now, I finally broke down and bought one. I absolutely love this massage gun…This machine truly feels like it’s helping my muscles repair after [workouts].”

If you’re looking to relieve tension in your tired, aching muscles, the BUTYCE massage gun is definitely worth a try. And at a lower price than before, now is the time make your move.