These Digital Cameras Will Make Your Kid A Photographer In A Flash

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best kids digital cameras

A kids digital camera may actually prevent your kid from borrowing your phone to take pictures of literally everything (we feel your pain). As annoying as it can be to constantly wonder where your phone went, it’s a beautiful thing to watch your child develop a love for photography. But by that point, let’s face it—it’s probably time to gift your photographer their own camera. While Polaroids and instant cameras are tons of fun, digital cameras allow young artists to snap to their heart’s content. So if you need some guidance in finding the best digital cameras for kids, stay tuned. Because when your child has their own way to take photos, you’ll finally get your phone back. Bless.

Fun fact: Letting your kiddos experiment in the world of photography is expert-approved. Professional photographer and mom Brooke Mayo of Brooke Mayo Photographers in Outer Banks, North Carolina gave her own kids digital cameras to explore their creativity. “I think giving kids their own digital camera is a fantastic way to help them learn to use photography to document their own interests and spark their creativity in completely different ways,” Mayo said. “Our 6-year-old will have a fashion show with her dolls and take photos of them. Our 10-year-old loves building barns out of cardboard. She will photograph structures to refer back to while she is making her buildings. They put their photos on a computer, edit them, and share their creations with the family.”

We searched high and low for the best digital cameras recommended for kids by professional photographers and professional parents. So whether you’re looking for a digital camera for your toddlers, young kids, or tweens, we’ve got you covered.

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