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We all know who ends up with most of the responsibility of dog ownership after your kids beg and plead for a pup: yep, good old mom. If you’ve already made the decision to add a dog to your family, whether by visiting a breeder or by rescuing from your local animal shelter, chances are, you’ve fallen in love with your fluffy, four-legged new family member. And, since these loyal pups provide plenty of unconditional love, it’s time to reward them by investing in their health and wellness. The Orivet Dog DNA Test Kit: Dog Breed, Heritable Health Risks and Life Plan gives you a wealth of information on your dog’s DNA for just $94.99 for a limited time.

Orivet teamed up with National Geographic to investigate the genetic traits that make pets unique, and your furry friend will reap the benefits. The DNA test digs into the breeds, giving you a percentages report that specifies the exact breed percentages that make up your pup. Orivet gives insight into their heritable health risks, their adult weight prediction, and information about their personality and behavior based on their breed composition, as well.

Aside from giving you all of that in-depth info, the more valuable knowledge Orivet provides is the LifePlan. With the LifePlan, you’ll learn how to manage their health forever, as it helps you with a personalized wellness plan based on their breed, age, weight, gender, geographic location, and lifestyle. There’s even a schedule you can show your veterinarian, making it so easy that even your partner can help out with it.

Breeders are praising the benefits of Orivet, with a French Bulldog Breeder raving, “DNA testing is actually something buyers are starting to ask me about. I found that most buyers have done their research and are requesting DNA results…” And a Cavalier Breeder shared, “It’s time to get into the 21st century and DNA-profile all puppies. The technology is readily available and accessible and allows you to build pedigree assurance.”

Give your pup the best and brightest life by learning more about them with the Orivet Dog DNA Test Kit: Dog Breed, Heritable Health Risks and Life Plan. It’s available for $94.99 right now for a limited time.

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