Calm Your Dog's Separation Anxiety With Vet-Approved DOGTV

by Scary Mommy Team
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Dog lovers know that pets can be just as important as kids of your own species, and loving a pet comes with a slew of challenges having kids doesn’t. Once your kids reach a certain age, you can put them in daycare, or communicate with them about why the baby-sitter is coming over, but pets get left at home alone without any explanation. The result? Anxious pets who have accidents, chew shoes, and are simply unhappy.

The world’s top pet experts developed DOGTV to help dogs cope with separation anxiety through programs developed specifically for lonely dogs. Dog vision, hearing, and behavior were all taken into consideration to develop the scientifically-backed content.

Dogs have gotten a lot of extra company and attention while many took on a remote-work lifestyle this past year. But as things begin to return to normal, dogs are at a heightened risk of stress, separation anxiety, and other issues. DOGTV can help restore confidence in those animals with sight and sound technology to reduce anxiety and provide fun distractions while they’re alone.

If your dog tends to take out their anxiety on your furniture or shoes, they may be in luck, too. A less stressed and well-distracted dog won’t feel as compelled to busy themselves with destroying your things. Veterinarians have even gotten behind the tool. Get started with a DOGTV account on any streaming device. From there, you’ll be able to play content all day, any day, with customized features like altered colors to meet your dog’s vision and patented programs for dog stimulation.

Tim S. left DOGTV a five-star review and he comically doesn’t even have a dog yet. He wanted to test the content before getting a companion and found it was even soothing to him, a human. See for yourself while a DOGTV lifetime subscription is 52% off today at a final price of $199.99.

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