Best Kids' Protective Face Shields - Mom-Approved Plastic Face Shields For Kids

The Best Kids’ Face Shields They Can Pair With Their Trusty Mask

August 14, 2020 Updated November 9, 2020


The coming school year will be unlike any other, and whether your kids will be remote learning or headed back to the classroom, they’ll need a face covering of some kind if they ever want to leave the house. Face shields, in particular, are picking up in popularity as protectors against the spread of COVID-19 (although it’s suggested that everyone, no matter what. still wear a mask — even while wearing a shield). But while our trusty face masks are still a wardrobe must-have, a shield may be a more comfortable option for your kiddo in certain situations.

Plastic shields don’t lie directly on the face, making it easier and cooler to breathe, especially while doing outdoor activities like playing sports or hiking.

So to make sure you’re covered (literally), we rounded up the best plastic face shields for kids to keep them safe. From fun prints to popular brands like SA, we brought you the top options on Amazon that are so cute and comfy, your kid will actually want to wear them.

We may never have thought that face coverings would become a daily accessory, but these mom-approved picks will help kids enter the 2020 school year in comfort, safety, and dare we say? style.

Best Kids Plastic Face Shields

The Coolest ShieldsKids Face Shields

The name says it all: These coverings by The Coolest Shields are arguably “the coolest.” Your kiddo can pick from 17 adorable designs, including a puppy dog, a princess, a unicorn, an astronaut helmet, and lots more. You’ll love that this mask protects your little one (as well as the littles around them) and that it has a removable interior liner that’s easy to clean. Your child, on the other hand, will love that wearing this mask feels like playing dress-up. And if you’d like to play along, a few have matching adult sizes, too.

The majority of reviewers agree that these character shields are as fun as mandatory protection can get. “These masks look amazing in person, even better than the pictures,” raves one parent. “Really well-made, great quality. I love that they’re completely crystal clear. My kids don’t want to stop wearing them.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Zazzle Unicorn Personalized Face Shield

If you’re looking for cuteness and personalization, Zazzle has face shields galore. Unsurprisingly, this adorable unicorn design complete with sparkly gold horn and cascading magical stars is a hit, and you can even add your kid’s name. But if unicorns aren’t their thing, not to worry: there are plenty more to choose from, including sports themes, pretty flowers, mustaches, and even the option to create your own. All are made with PET plastic (or polyethylene terephthalate, a type of polyester) that’s lightweight for easy wearing. And in case you’re wondering, yes, these come in adult sizes, so go ahead and get matchy-matchy.

“Design is crisp and clear and oh so cute,” says one Zazzle reviewer. “Wanted something to wear when I eat or drink in public and this is perfect. Darling design. Shield came with instructions on how to put together.”


DSPKONG Lightweight Face Guards (8-pack)

On the hunt for simple, functional face shields? Look no further. These effectively do the job and still manage to look good. Available in multi-packs, they’re adorned with animal and cartoon characters that your kids won’t mind wearing. An adjustable soft elastic strap ensures a comfortable fit, and a durable, washable plastic covering helps keep your kid protected. Choose from 8 different designs, including multi-packs with an assortment of styles.

One customer lists the reasons this product deserves 5 stars.  “1) Clear shield (remove the adhesive protector strips on both sides). 2) Comfortable fit, no gaps. 3) Durable (we can wear and wash multiple times). 4) Long enough shield to protect but not bulky. 5) Easy to carry flat in a bag. 6) Good price.”

$20.99 AT AMAZON

Sunzel 6 Pack Face Shields

This 6-pack comes with six different styles, so while your kid is doing their part to stay safe, they can also have fun. These also come with glasses, for even more protection. These face shields are designed to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing your little to be as active as possible while still guarding themselves against germs.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Best Kids Face Shield + Hat Combos

KABAKE Spider-Man Baseball Cap with Detachable Shield

Your Marvel-loving littles will be ready to sling spider webs while wearing this face shield/hat hybrid that’s fit for a superhero. Designed with an adjustable strap for kids ages 2-6, the PVC shield is attached with snaps so it’s easily removed. In addition to helping them channel their inner Spider-Man, this is a great option for shading their eyes, since its difficult to wear sunnies with face protection on. Snag this style in black, blue, and classic red, so if you have multiple spider-minis, they can each have their own color. Pro tip: Be sure to order it ASAP, as it can take 6-10 days to ship.

“Nice quality, adjustable and looks very nice with or without the visor attached,” one buyer says. “The visor provides full-face coverage for my 3-1/2-year-old.” Adds another, “We are super pleased with the quality and design of this cap. My 5-year-old willingly wears this! So we love it too!”



$13.99 AT AMAZON

SCIONE Kids Sun Hats with Removable Face Shield

Suitable for kids 2-8 years old, this sun hat comes equipped with a plastic shield that can be attached and detached with an interior zipper. Made in the USA, it comes in four classic colors plus an adorable safari print. And it’ll protect your youngster from more than germs because it blocks UV rays, too. In addition to being made with a breathable cotton hat and a clear-view PVC shield, the brand promises that the plastic is not easily scratched.

“The adjustable chin cord is a blessing, as my toddler can no longer pull this hat off his head now,” explains a reviewer. “The face shield is attached by zipper, so we can remove it to wash the hat, and it is less likely to rip if he tugs it. This is the best toddler hat I have found on the market so far, and we have a total of 3 now. We do not leave the house without this one.”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

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