If You Love The Outdoors (Or Love Looking Like You Do), These Base Layers, Coffee Mugs, and Sleeping Bags Will Make Your Next Hike So Much *Better*

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Otterbox Outdoor Lovers Travel Mug

We all have that one friend who is always trying to get everyone to go camping, hiking, or hanging outside for as long as possible. And the Great Outdoors are definitely great… if you’re properly prepared. Like all mothers, Nature is unpredictable, and it’s much harder to enjoy being in it if you’re cold, dehydrated, or your feet hurt because your main criteria for trail shoes were that they “looked cute.”

For your favorite outdoors lover — whether they’re an urban explorer, a rock climber, or someone who just likes to make s’mores — here are an abundance gift ideas to help them get even more excited about their next adventure.

Outdoor Gifts for Women

Outdoor Gifts for Men

Outdoor Gifts for Everyone

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