22 Gifts For People Who Are Obsessed With Succulents, Cacti, And Other House Plants

by Amanda Davis
Originally Published: 

Chances are any plant lover that you know already has a ton of plants at home–whether they’re house plants or a giant garden in the backyard. So, what do you get someone that already has it all within the plant realm? Well, good news: you can never have too many plants. (That’s your first gift idea.) But if you want to stray away from the easy route and get your giftee something different, you still have plenty of options for unique plant gifts. There are plant-themed clothes, cookware, candles, and even jewelry.

If you or your plant-obsessed giftee is a newbee and only sticking to the hard-to-kill plants like snake plants or succulents, places like Amazon and Etsy have awesome gifts and even live plants too! So to make your search for the perfect succulent gift box, the right grow lights, and adorable planters easy, we’ve got a list of the best gifts for plant lovers.


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