This Resource Could've Saved Me From A Mountain Of Student Loan Debt -- But It Can Still Help Your Kids

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Grown and Flown

The process of college admissions is a winding road of decision-making, paperwork, and spending money, from that first SAT prep course to the ever-important college admissions essay. But, let’s rewind to that money part: As a high school student, I had no concept of money. As in, $500 monthly school loan payments plus an entry-level job at a retailer (then a restaurant, then — *shudder* — a call center) does not equal financial security. Throw in a recession that contributed to the lingering job scarcity come my graduation year in 2011, plus a desire to enter the highly competitive field of media, and well — you can do the math, and probably better than I could at the time. Let’s just say, if I had the opportunity for a do-over, I would take it.

Grown and Flown

Between my cluelessness and my parents and I becoming wrapped up in possibly the biggest lie of the Millennial generation — “If you invest in a well-known, expensive school, you’ll get a great job and be able to pay your loans off!” — I graduated from my dream school. Shortly after, I moved back into my parents’ house with my writing degree, memories of my semester abroad in Europe, and a mountain of debt. What I didn’t graduate with? The fancy job I’d fantasized about to pay it all off.

My story is the gripe of many Millenials, however, I do take accountability for my poor decision-making. I should have educated myself before choosing a school (and debt load) that would ultimately impact the rest of my life. At the time, however, there weren’t many resources to guide parents and their kids through the college admissions process (at least, not many that weren’t funded by the exorbitantly-priced schools, themselves).

Grown and Flown

But luckily, there is now, and had it existed when I was in high school, it could’ve saved me tens of thousands of dollars. The Grown and Flown College Admissions membership lets you access a network of experts that will help you and your kid make one of the first and biggest financial decisions of their life. Founded by two moms, it’s a single source where you can view courses, participate in live Q&A sessions with experts, and tap into a community of parents in the same life stage as you and your kids. From applying for financial aid, to taking SATs, to choosing and financing a school and degree, you’ll get answers to all your questions (and more) from professionals in the industry.

The Grown and Flown College Admissions membership is $27 a month and you can cancel at any time. In addition to potentially saving you (and your kid) tens of thousands of dollars, it’ll save you hours of research as you search for accurate and unbiased answers. (Remember: College is a business, so you have to know how to decipher an answer from a sales pitch.)

I learned my lesson the hard way, and it cost me financial instability, sleepless nights, and a lot (a lot of money). Maybe you can relate, too. So if you’re unsure how to help your child make their college decision, do them a favor: Sign up for the Grown and Flown College Admissions membership and prevent them from becoming another $60,000+ recruit.

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