The Most Magical Harry Potter-Themed Nursery Decorations 2021

The Most Magical Harry Potter-Themed Nursery Decorations For Your Tiny Witch Or Wizard

June 4, 2021 Updated June 10, 2021

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Attention pregnant muggles: there is an amazing selection of Harry Potter-themed nursery decorations available, so get ready to drop some major galleons on this cuteness. Decorating the baby’s room is one of the most fun (and sure, stressful) things expecting parents get to do, and choosing a theme is very important (if you want to choose a theme, it’s totally your life). You want it to be cozy, but not stuffy, pretty while also practical, and incorporate both traditional elements and unique features. (See also: nursery wall art, nursery dressers, blackout curtains, and kids’ rugs.)

If you are a lover of all things Hogwarts, you might be thinking of creating a magical space for your little one to sleep, eat and play. No need to wait on an official letter, you can peruse different options that run the gamut, from fun and fancy to a little bit dark (inspired by dark magic, of course). Depending on your house preference, you may opt for red and gold, or gravitate towards green.

We’ve rounded up the best Harry Potter nursery options and, thanks to the interwebs, you can skip the trip to Diagon Alley and shop for these accessories from the comfort of your four-poster.

Best Harry Potter-Themed Decorations

aden + anais Harry Potter Swaddle Blankets

Conjure up some coziness with these soft muslin swaddling blankets. Reviewer Lisa A. says, “I didn’t realize just how much we’d love these when I registered for a set before my first baby. They are beautiful swaddles, lightweight and wash up well.” They are available in over 30 different patterns, but we are partial to the HP set, which features Hedwig, the Golden Snitch and lightning bolts.

$54.92 AT AMAZON

RoomMates Harry Potter Wall Decal

These peel and stick wall decals are an easy way to pull together your HP nursery. Made  from sturdy vinyl, they are a cinch to put up, adjust and remove.
Reviewer Cats96 says, “This product is great! It really added a much needed pop to my son’s Harry Potter themed room without having to paint the walls!”

$12.80 AT AMAZON

Idea Nuova Circular Storage Bin

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a house elf to take care of the laundry. Thankfully this functional bin makes that chore a bit easier. With an wide opening for clothes tossing and sturdy handles for hauling, it’s a great choice for a nursery hamper.

$27.42 AT AMAZON

Posprica Storage Cubes

Keep track of blankets, diapers, potions and wands in these starry storage bins. Made from thick fabric, they come in a set of 4. Mom of Toddlers says, ” Definitely recommend! I originally ordered a set of four and loved them so much I sprung for a second set to fill the entire bookcase and I’m glad I did!”

$36.90 AT AMAZON

GiftNightLight Harry Potter Table Night Light

This magical. night light lights up an entire room when you plug it in. Featuring Hogwarts and the shape of a witches hat, Golden Snitch, Harry’s glasses, and a lightning bolt, this lamp is made of an impact-resistant acrylic and wooden base, which means if it gets knocked over somehow, it won’t break. Your little one will treasure this for years to come.


Jay Franco Harry Potter Plush Blanket

Make late night feedings a bit more snuggly with a plush blanket featuring Harry’s famous spectacles and lightning scar.
Reviewer Kayla says, “This blanket is INCREDIBLY soft!… I love the soft comfy texture of it. I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to anybody.”

$23.99 AT AMAZON

Eunikroko Monthly Milestone Blanket

Keep track of your little wizard’s milestones with this monthly blanket. It comes with a star wreath frame, teeny round glasses and a soft felt wand, so every photo will be extra magical.
Reviewer Sandi says, “Very cute blanket! Extremely soft but lightweight! … The cutest way to measure the muggles growth!”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Paladone Golden Snitch Light

Brighten up your nursery with this light featuring the Golden Snitch. The iconic Quidditch symbol floats in a illuminated bell jar. One reviewer calls it “magical” and says, “The snitch looks pretty cool in its floating, illuminated state. Touch lamp turns off and on, which is best done with a wand, using the spells “Lumos” and “Nox.”

$29.98 AT AMAZON

TRENDYPRINT Harry Potter Wall Art

Accent your nursery walls with these HP wall art pieces. Each comes as a set of 4 prints and you can choose from the house crests, famous quotes, magical creatures or well-known symbols.
One reviewer says, “These pictures are great! They look fantastic, just as advertised, the colors are bright and the words are clear.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Themothermaker Dobby Elf Curtain Tie Back

If your baby’s nursery has curtains, a simple way to add some magical flare is these Dobby-themed curtain tie backs. Made of 100% soft acrylic, these add a touch of whimsey and fun to a bedroom, and they’re definitely unique.


Baby Jack Harry Potter Lovey

Every little muggle needs a lovey. This sensory crinkle toy offers different textures and colorful HP images.
Reviewer KelsieB says, “My 3 month old has used this toy since he was born. I love Harry Potter and hope to pass that down to him.”

$15.95 AT AMAZON

The Laser's Edge Harry Potter Music Box

This hand crafted music box will help soothe even the fussiest baby to sleep. With outer images from Hogwart’s, you can choose one of four famous quotes on the inside. Reviewer
MommaBadger says, “Every side has a different scene and exquisitely done. It’s very small but the inside mechanisms sure to pack a punch with the Harry Potter music.”

$21.95 AT AMAZON

Funko Harry Potter POP! Vinyl Collectors Set

Let Harry, Ron and Hermione watch over your wee one from a dresser or shelf.
“Love the variety and the detail on each character,” says one reviewer about these sturdy vinyl collectibles.

$27.99 AT AMAZON

Delta Deluxe 3-Shelf Bookcase

Keep all your spellbooks organized with this sturdy 3-shelf bookcase. Featuring colorful artwork and the crests of all 4 houses, this piece is the perfect accent in your Harry Potter-themed nursery. One reviewer says, “We are having a baby boy and my wife and I are doing [a] Harry Potter nursery for him this is perfect for his room.”

$52.99 AT AMAZON

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