Yes, You Actually Need This Inflatable Pool Sofa — Before It Sells Out Again

by Olivia Harvey
Originally Published: 
inflatable sofa

The only thing better than lounging poolside on a hot summer day is lounging in the pool itself. With the Solstice Aqua Sofa, an inflatable pool couch, you will feel like Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus” come to life—just, you know, a bit more relaxed with sunnies on and a drink in hand.

The Solstice Aqua Sofa with Instaflate System is not just your run-of-the-mill pool float. The inflatable couch is actually upholstered in a comfortable water-safe fabric that won’t stick to your skin or get too hot. And the “Instaflate” pump takes 4D cell batteries and can be used anywhere—no outlets or extension cords necessary. Plus the clamshell-like shape is eye-catching and can comfortably fit two adults.

“Enjoying our new pool sofa,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “Very comfortable and plenty of room for the two of us plus our 4 small poodles. It comes with an air pump and carry case…Wish it had a cup holder and a steering wheel,” they joked, “but other than that, we are pleased with our purchase. The dogs like that we can be on there with them.”

Another customer who gave the Solstice Aqua System five stars wrote, “Best float we have ever purchased for our pool, Everyone wants a turn floating in it. It holds 2 adults or 1 adult and 2-3 children. Comfortable, soft inside and amazing…We would definitely recommend it, as would all our guests!!!”

The only downside to this inflatable sofa by the Solstice Store is that, eventually, you’ll have to get out of it.

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