Star Wars And Batman Comics, Frozen, and Pete The Cat: Just $0.99 For Access to All Of These Titles And Millions More!

by Phuong Ireland
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If there’s a simple, fun activity that the whole family can enjoy, it’s reading. Whether it’s getting a confidence boost from fellow parents or transporting your kids to new fantasy world, getting lost in the pages of a good story is a wonderful, entertaining way to spend a few hours. One way to make reading even easier, is via Amazon Kindle Unlimited, which is like carrying an entire library with you everywhere you go on whatever device you use. If your kid loves to read, this is a must-have. And if they don’t… this might just change their minds. The subscription includes thousands of popular kids books and comic books for all ages, including classics like Charlotte’s Web, adventure stories like the entire Harry Potter series, and plenty of books all about dogs. And of course, there are also countless options for parents as well.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is essentially a media streaming service, but for books. Instead of paying for a single book, you pay for a subscription package and gain unlimited access to over one million books. In addition to books, Kindle Unlimited offers thousands of audiobooks to choose from, the hottest magazines, and more. You can read Kindle books on Kindle e-readers as well as on a phone, tablet, or computer using the Kindle Reading app. Bar hopping is fun, but book hopping is so much more satisfying. The first month is completely free — you can sign up for a trial, peruse your favorite titles, and read to your heart’s content without paying anything. Afterward, it’s $9.99 a month and you can cancel anytime.

Right now, you can get Kindle Unlimited for FREE for two whole months. That is a super steal and only lasts until March 31, 2021.

Best Amazon Kindles and Accessories for the Family

If you decide to sign up for Kindle Unlimited, you’ll need something to read all those books on. Here are some of the best devices and accessories for your kids and yourself.

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