8 Pregnancy Tests That Give You Accurate, No-Bullsh*t Results And Don’t Cost A Fortune

by Jenn Sinrich
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Best Pregnancy Tests

No matter your desired outcome, taking a pregnancy test can be one of the most frantic and nerve-wracking experiences. The results determine the trajectory of the next, oh, 18+ years of your life and can bring about an enormously wide range of emotions.

If you’ve been trying to conceive for some time, you’re probably familiar with ovulation tests and have imagined the immense joy you’ll feel when you see those double lines staring back at you on an actual pregnancy test. It’s a rush of excitement, anxiety, and sheer happiness that can seem almost intangible when you’re on your 5th+ month (or 5th+ year) of peeing on sticks.

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But even if this is your first time at the at-home pregnancy test rodeo, the experience is usually an incredibly personal process. This is why it’s nice that tests are sold over the counter and at a somewhat affordable price. They work by detecting the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) (aka the pregnancy hormone) in your urine, which usually become present a few days after fertilization and then multiplies at a rapid pace every few days after.

It usually takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes for the test to show results, typically in the form of two lines to indicate a positive and one line to indicate a negative. If you think you’re pregnant and got a negative result, test again in a few days, since it’s possible that your levels of HCG simply aren’t high enough. This means you’ll likely need a handful of tests each month of trying to conceive (you can buy in multiples rather than in single packs to save a little on cost).

Here are some of the most trusted and user-friendly pregnancy tests on the market for 2020.

Whether you’re expecting or trying to conceive, consider stocking up on these pregnancy essentials that’ll come in handy during those nine months and beyond.


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