Last Minute Gift Guide For Toddlers

by Team Scary Mommy
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last minute toddler gifts

Let’s go ahead and address the obvious: The holidays are upon us, my friend. And if you clicked this link, chances are you are scrambling for last minute gifts for your tiny tot. Well, here’s the good news: the Internet is still a thing and so is expedited shipping. No stress, mama. You aren’t naughty-listed just yet.

Here’s the other good news: Scary Mommy has got you covered! Not only can you finish shopping in your pajamas, but we’ve made it one step easier. Just scroll, click, buy… and Ho Ho Ho! Your Nice List status is safe for another year.

Magna-Tiles House Set Toy For Toddlers


$39.74 AT AMAZON

Imaginary play is king for the little young minds of our offspring. These 3D buildings sets give them the opportunity to develop creative and tactical skills. Since all the pieces are magnetic, there’s virtually no limit to what our toddlers can create. Beware of knock-offs, because this brand is the OG. This set is sweet and super affordable, but you can also splurge for a bigger set with thousands of rave reviews.

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

$29.82 AT AMAZON

A toddler can work up an appetite as they work this ice cream cart! They will also learn colors, how to count, and dance to songs along the way.

Strider Sport Balance Bike

$109.99 AT AMAZON

This bike introduces tots to concepts of riding, allowing them to use a 2-wheeler while they’re still in diapers. It grows with the kiddo you’re gifting since the seat and handlebar heights adjust to accommodate ages 18 months to 5 years.


$19.71 AT AMAZON

It’s the preschool version of the beloved Uno card game. Round up the cows, pigs, skunks, chicken, dogs, sheep and farmer characters by their type or colors. The best part is you get to yell “Uno moooooo” when you’re down to your last one.

Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Baby Doll

$11.89 AT AMAZON

This French-styled doll is the perfect size for toddler boys and girls to hold and play with. Baby Carolle is also made of vanilla scented soft-to-the-touch vinyl.

Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Machine Christmas Gift For Toddlers


There are bubble machines, and then there’s a Gazillion Bubble machine. This is one of my favorite brands because they know what they’re good at (bubble machines, duh) and make a variety of them to suit the discerning consumer (our kids).

Djeco Nest and Stack Blocks Set

$19.99 AT AMAZON

These stackable farm animal blocks feature adorable nesting figurines, numbers, and bright pops of colors to help foster pretend play and develop fine motor skills. It makes for a gorgeous gift that will help a toddler you love learn and grow while reaching new developmental milestones!

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