Get Three Years Of Laundry Done With This $50 Egg

by Scary Mommy Team
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Egg laundry

You can transition your family to a sugar-free diet, eliminate phthalates by swapping all your candles for diffusers with essential oils, and buy organic to keep sensitive skin happy— but in the end, it often just comes down to laundry. Picking the right detergent and fabric softeners can make all the difference for sensitive, allergy-prone skin, which is exactly what the EcoEgg Bundle offers. The best part? It’ll save you loads of dough, too!

The EcoEgg Bundle comes with both liquid and powder-free pods for your laundry that last up to 720 washes, which averages around three years of laundry chores. The unique system starts with the Laundry Egg, which naturally lifts dirt without fading colors or leaving chemical residue on clothing. Just pop the reusable egg-shaped pod filled with mineral pellets in with your laundry and you’re set to wash.

The egg-shaped pod is a space-saver by eliminating the need for bulky detergent containers, and an earth-saver by eliminating their waste. You’ll get the same savings during your dryer load with the included Dryer Egg, which reduces tumble drying by up to 28%, giving you savings on your energy bill too.

Thousands of Amazon reviewers adore the award-winning EcoEgg, earning it a 4.2-star rating on the e-commerce site. It even earned the 2020 Getting Greener, Reducing Plastic endorsement from Good Housekeeping Institute and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation.

The EcoEgg Bundle is completed with an included Detox Tab which, you guessed it, deep cleans your machine to remove the buildup of powder and liquid detergents from your past.

Take care of three years of laundry with this tiny egg-shaped pod and its tiny $46.99 price tag while the EcoEgg Bundle is 31% off for a limited time. Or check out 10 other great laundry hacks!

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