Best Leather Jackets for Women According to Mom in 2020

The Best Leather Jackets For Mamas Who Want To Look Put Together — Even When They’re Not

Best Leather Jacket Women’s

GREAT NEWS: As winter nears an end, you can finally begin to stop living in constant fear of the next disgusting disease that will inevitably take your whole family down (seriously, if cleaning your kids’ vomit up at 3am wasn’t enough, now you have to clean your own, too. Motherhood is totally chic, amiright?).

And guess what, there’s another huge perk of warmer temps, too! Ladies, it’s officially becoming leather jacket season. Perfect for those 40-degree mornings followed by 60-degree afternoons and 30-degree evenings, leather or suede outerwear (or faux versions thereof, of course) are eternally stylish, easy to wear, and epic in their versatility.

We’ve rounded up nine of the best leather jackets on Amazon and beyond at every price point, for every occasion — whether you spend your days running around the playground or running around town, we’ve got you covered. Consider this your “I survived cold and flu season” gift to yourself. You’ve most definitely paid for it in sweat — or, rather, snot — equity.

Best for Everyday Wear

Blank NYC Women's Moto Jacket

Blank NYC is one of our favorite brands for affordable staples, and this leather moto is definitely no exception. With sleek lines, a few edgy touches  and a totally wearable silhouette, it wears just as well with a mini dress as it does over leggings and a tee. Plus, the 100% vegan leather won’t force you into any moral quandries (because you get enough of those at home), and will hold up against whatever the day brings your way.


Best Faux Suede

Apperloth Faux Suede Long Sleeved Jacket

Nothing says “I’ve got my shit together” more than army green suede. So even if you really don’t have your shit together, this is the one piece you need to help fake it ’till you make it, which is, really, half the battle, anyway. Pull it on with a beige scarf and earrings to feel extra put-together, or pair with ripped denim when you just. can’t.


Best for Feeling Fancy

Veronica Beard Miller Leather Dickey Jacket

Once upon a time, leather was reserved for motorcyclists, cowboys, and women that were *extra* before extra was a thing. Now, though, we’re here to tell you that you can indeed wear leather to your kids’ parent-teacher conference, just as much as you can wear it to the theater (if that’s your thing). A double breasted cut accented by fancy schmancy buttons put this Veronica Beard beauty over the top.


Best for Running Errands

Lock and Love Women's Removable Hooded Faux Leather Moto Biker Jacket

Sure, you want to be comfortable while you’re lugging two toddlers around town in search of groceries, dry cleaning and other mundane items, but you don’t want to look completely off the rails. Sound about right? If so, a form-fitted faux leather hoodie will quickly become your go-to, thanks to just the right amount of stretch and a cozy hood that, no judgment, you may have to put up when it’s time to avoid adult interaction. Hey, it happens.


Best for Feeling Badass

Levi's Women's Motorcross Racer

Ah, Levi’s — the crown jewel of casual fashion that only the coolest of girls in high school actually wore. Now, mama, you, too, can be a high school cool girl thanks to the iconic brand’s motorcross zip-up. The boxy cut will feeling flattering on even your most bloated day, and the single-line zipper wears just as well closed as it does open (great for days when you forget to put on a bra). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Best for Cold Weather

ALLSAINTS Luna Shearling-Vest Leather Biker Jacket

Sometimes you just need to feel a little bit cozy — so when your kids refuse to hug you, go for a soft jacket to fill the void. With an oversized shearling (removable!) vest underneath a classic leather jacket, this ALLSAINTS will wear well straight through spring. Everyone needs to feel a little plush now and again, why not make it fashion?


Best for Looking Classic

Olivia Miller Faux Leather Moto Biker Jacket

If you want to wear a leather jacket but aren’t sure how the f to start, no worries — start with the basics. This Olivia Miller has the classic paneling at the shoulders, metal hardware and that perfect hits-at-the-hips length, making it the perfect starter jacket. You’re welcome.


Best for Summer Sizzle

cupcakes and cashmere Chandler Faux Leather Moto Jacket

White (or white adjacent, if we’re keeping it *100*) leather can be tricky to pull off, but cupcakes and cashmere makes it just a little bit easier. The key? Keep the lines simple, the hardware understated and the cut exceedingly wearable. Little details, like notched lapels and zips on the sleeves, elevate the aesthetic without looking overly busy, so you can let the fact that you’re bold enough to wear anything stain-able speak for itself.


Best for Country Casual

BGSD Women's Anna Suede Leather Car Coat

Do you dream of your alternate life where you live on a farm, raising horses and cows and sheep and your kids are helpful, happy to work hard, and everyone sits down for a calm family meal featuring the fruits of your collective labor at the end of each gorgeous, sunset-filled day? We can’t offer you any of that, but we can guess that that alternate “you” would be wearing a faux suede jacket like this one. So, we can help you look the part, at least. Plus, a neutral brown is, dare we say it, even more versatile than black, making this easily the best fantasy-inspired real-life purchase you’ll own.


Inspired to shop for more? Check out Scary Mommy’s fashion section for more favorite picks of the season. Because, really, we all know you’ll continue to pay for it in spades, all year ’round.

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