Liven Up Your Love Life and Save 66% On The Lover App for Sexual Health

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Tune in to any sitcom with a married couple in it and a joke about their lackluster sex life is almost guaranteed to follow, along with a generous laugh track. The trope of married couples having boring or no sex at all is tired, but a bit relatable. Even if you’re still connected to your partner or you’re a single parent in the dating scene, it can be a challenge to snap out of kid-mode when the time comes.

Similar to any self-care you neglect as a parent (here’s looking at you, juicer), your sex life takes some attention and accountability to improve. Britney Blair, a board-certified sexual medicine clinical psychologist, developed the Lover app to provide science-based guides to help adults explore and improve their sex lives. Similar to a workout app, you’ll get tips, guides, and goals to help you unlock the fulfillment you’re lacking.

The process starts with a quiz to identify your unique characteristics and where to improve. From there, you’ll be assigned personalized goals and activities every week to help you practice and perfect your sensuality. The goals help you work toward tangible milestones with interactive audio and visual courses.

Men’s Health, Glamour, Mashable, CNN, Daily Mail, and Cosmopolitan all recommended the 4.8-star app to their readers. TechCrunch wrote, “Lover lets you take a sexual personality quiz, explore carnal knowledge tutorials and discretely figure out which turn-ons you share with your partner.”

Whether you’re looking for more confidence, a better experience, or simply a drive, the Lover app for iOS can coach you toward your goal. Get the science-based guidance while a one-year subscription to the app is 66% off at $19.99.

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