14 Coziest Matching Family Pajamas – Best Christmas Family Pajamas

14 Sets Of Family Christmas Pajamas That Are Festive AF

November 13, 2018 Updated November 23, 2020

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We all know that matching family pajamas on Christmas morning (or Christmas Eve, whatever your family traditions entail!) are basically a must. It means getting to lounge around the house all day in warm, flannel family pajama sets and do absolutely nothing except for eat leftovers, watch movies, and also watch your kids go bananas over their new presents. It also means freakin’ cute Instagram photos (if you can successfully wrangle all the kids and partner in a pic, which takes skill and patience).

We picked out some of our favorite festive, Christmas pajamas the whole family can wear together. From cheesy to chic, we’ve got matching family pajamas for everyone.

Best Matching Christmas Pajamas for the Family

Burt's Bees Family Jammies Matching Holiday Organic Cotton Pajamas

Burt’s Bees makes Christmas pajamas! And they’re made with soft organic cotton that feels like a dream. They come in all kinds of patterns and sizes (they even make bandanas for the dog, in case your pupper wants to join in on the family fun). Sets are sold separately.

$16.70 AT AMAZON

Lazy One Flapjacks, Matching Pajamas

These soft and cozy one-piece jammies come in a bunch of different patterns (our favorite is the buffalo plaid — classic!) and what makes them stand out is the cute patch on the butt that reads “Bear Cheeks” and features cartoon bear behinds. So cute! Each set is sold separately.

$44.99 AT AMAZON

Calla Dream Matching Family Pajamas Christmas Sets

Pick out which pattern and fit you want (two-piece or onesie), and be prepared to stay cozy and comfy all day long with these stretch jams. Each piece is sold separately, so make sure to purchase pieces for each member of your family.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Quarantine Christmas Pajama Shirts

We know, it sucks that this Christmas is different. If you’re not traveling (which you shouldn’t be), that means you get to spend extra time with your closest pod, which might even be for the best. Celebrate with these PJ shirts (you’ll have to buy bottoms separately) that read “The Year of the Lockdown 2020 – Merry Christmas.”

$16.46 AT ETSY

Jammies For Your Families Baby Yoda Matching Christmas PJs

The force is strong with this family. If you’ve got Star Wars fans, then you’ve gotta get these Mandalorian-themed PJs. They feature everyone’s fave, Baby Yoda, on the top and a mix of Mando and The Child on the bottoms.

$16.80 AT KOHL'S

The One Where We Were Quarantined Christmas T-Shirt

If your kids are a little older, then they might appreciate this ode to Friends. And getting matching shirts that say “The One Where We Were Quarantined” will make the holiday season a little more jolly.


Jammies For Your Family Disney's Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Family Collection

Do you have a Disney family? Perfect, because we’ve found the cutest Mickey Mouse matching PJs. They come with jersey shirts and Mickey-themed flannel bottoms. You can even get one for your pup. PJs are all sold separately.

$16.80 AT KOHL'S

Fudule Christmas Pajamas Masked Santa Matching PJs

Yup, it’s true. Santa’s wearing a mask this year. And he probably won’t be indulging in milk and cookies, so might as well at those yourself. These two-piece flannel PJs are sold separately.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

IFFEI Are You Serious Clark? Matching PJs

If the family watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation every year, then you must get these PJs that have “Are you serious, Clark” written on the tops. It’s especially cute if your baby or toddler is wearing one. Clark Griswold would totally approve.

$32.99 AT AMAZON

SleepytimePJs Family Matching Christmas Onesies Fleece Hooded Footed Pajamas

If it’s cold where you live, you might want to opt for fleece hooded, footie pajamas. And they’re not super Christmas-y, either — so if you don’t celebrate, celebrate Hanukkah, or just want something a little low-key, these snowman-covered jammies will do the trick.

$42.99 AT AMAZON

Custom Christmas Reindeer Pajamas

Get a matching set of pajamas that you can keep and treasure forever. These custom PJs are made to say each member of the family’s name on the reindeer top. You’ll have to purchase the bottoms separately.

$12.90 AT ETSY

PajamaGram Matching Family Christmas Lights Pajamas

Celebrate the magic that are Christmas lights with these navy blue two-piece jammies that feature colorful Christmas lights. In a pinch, you can also use this a Stranger Things Halloween costume. Just saying.

$49.99 AT AMAZON

LC Lauren Conrad Jammies For Your Families Fairisle Pajamas

These cozy green fair isle jammies feature trees and snowflakes. They’re extra soft and made with 100% cotton — you may never want to take them off, and we don’t blame you.

$16.80 AT KOHL'S

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