Hilarious Meme Halloween Costumes That Take Almost No Time To Put Together This Year

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halloween meme costumes
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It’s amazing to think about how memes have changed lives. Well — maybe not changed lives, but made them funnier. It’s hard to predict what’ll go viral next, but the best memes often have a pretty long lifespan. And make for great Halloween costumes.

Memes, which may simply just be a movie or television still, can change the meaning of an entire work of art. For example, check out Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent meme. In it, he’s holding a drink and making a face, after telling a particularly pointed joke. The still comes from the movie Django Unchained. However, when people use it, it’s typically to point out a joke created by circumstance. For example, “Tapping someone on the lefthand shoulder when you appear on the right” is a good use for the photo. Or, “When a sibling gets blamed for something you did.”

Incorporating these memes into a Halloween costume may be difficult — but it’s not impossible. Sure, you may need to do a little explaining to those who aren’t quite as meme-happy as you are. But if they have social media, they’ll likely pick up on it quick. Memes would also make for a good costume since, doesn’t everyone need an extra laugh this year? And just because you might be keeping things low-key this year for Halloween, doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Might as well make everyone around you chuckle — because lordy do we need that.

Here are 10 great meme Halloween costume ideas to get started.

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