8 Best Memory Games for Kids 2021, All Mom-Approved

8 Awesome Memory Games Made Especially For Kids

July 12, 2021 Updated July 14, 2021

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Memory games for kids may be the perfect way to sneak in a little educational fun at home. Kids are like little sponges and seem to remember everything (especially the things you don’t want them to), so what better way to get their brain churning than with a kid’s memory game? It’s a great way to channel that skill productively and keep them entertained at the same time. Memory games can be beneficial for kids’ developing brains, help improve their concentration, and be a fun way for your family to spend some quality time together. And while there’s a time and place for epic water gun battles or backyard ninja courses, sometimes it’s nice to have a (relatively) quiet indoor activity that focuses on thinking. Ahead are eight of the best memory games for kids to keep their minds — and yours — sharp.

Best Memory Games for Kids

Wonder Forge Disney Classic Characters Matching Game

No doubt your little one has seen their fair share of Disney movies (and likely has one that they’ve played on repeat at least 57 times), so let them play this game with all their favorite Disney characters while also improving their focus and memory skills. There are 72 tiles, and the game comes in different versions, including Disney Princesses, Disney Classic, Frozen II, Marvel, Toy Story 4, and more. It’s appropriate for kids ages three and up.

One reviewer said, “My 4 yr old daughter loves this game. It has 74 pieces, meaning 37 matching pairs. The cards are thick enough to endure being handled by toddlers. Different & nice matching pictures on the cards.”

$11.99 AT AMAZON

Hoyle 6 in 1 Fun Pack

For kids with short attention spans (AKA all kids), this fun pack includes six different games so they won’t get bored. The games are designed for ages three and up and include classics you’ll be familiar with from your childhood, such as Memory, Go Fish, Old Maid, Crazy Eights, Slap Jack, and Matching.

One reviewer said, “Good gift for my 4 year old. She was 3 when I gave these to her. Now that she’s 4 she’s really starting to understand and get better at them. Slap jack is by far her favorite. Memory is a little elaborate for her age but we divide them up and play with a smaller set. I love that each game comes with directions so we know the right way to play. It’s also great to be able to teach her that when we’re learning something new we can refer to the instructions for help and direction.”


Ravensburger 20357 4 Foodie Favorites Memory Game

If your little one is a budding foodie, they’ll love playing this matching game that lets them search for pairs of delicious foods such as waffles, donuts, avocados, tacos, pineapples, and more. You may want to play this one before dinner to whip up an appetite! There is also a Monsters, Animals, and Great Outdoors version, and the game can be played with kids ages three and up.

One reviewer said, “My 3yo loves this game. I love it because the cards are thick and can withstand little toddler hands without getting bent or ripped. Very happy with my purchase!”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Travel Memory Game

This Melissa & Doug Memory Game includes one wooden board and seven two-sided cards, which decreases the likelihood you’ll find random memory cards scattered all over your house. The cards have fun themes like colors, shapes, vehicles, and more. Players take turns opening doors to match pairs, and they can keep track of points on the board as well. The game is designed for kids ages 5-7 years old.

One reviewer said, “Very nice, sturdy, wooden game. My 6 yr old loves matching games. The doors are banded with elastic for easy flip. It comes with 7 boards that all fit in the back with the one you want to use on top. Better than a bunch of cards spaced out and making a mess!!! Over time she may memorize all 7 games but hey, it’s well worth the $ for her educational playtime!”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Little Treasures Matching Letter Game

The Little Treasures Matching Game helps with memory and teaches spelling. There are 30 double-sided cards, with a three letter word on one side and a four letter word on the other. The kids use bright letter cubes to match and spell the words. The game, made for kids ages three and up, also comes with a tray and eight letter cubes.

One reviewer said, “My son just turned 5. He LOVES this game. I love it too because it can really be used for children at different levels of spelling. You can leave the flap down and let them match the letters, or you can cover the card and they have to guess the letters. There is also a great mix of easier and more challenging words.”

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Pressman Lucky Ducks

These lucky ducks are both cute and educational. Place 12 little ducks on the pond-shaped game unit, and watch your kids try to match ducks (you put stickers of colored shapes on the bottom of each) to the colored shape they’ve chosen, while the ducks quack and swim around. The game requires batteries and is made for 2-4 players, ages three and up.

One reviewer said, “This is a gift that would fit 2.5-4 years old perfectly! Great price and great for cognitive development. Definitely recommend.”

$13.49 AT AMAZON

eeBoo's Life on Earth Memory and Matching Game

Let your kids learn about different plants and animals while they play and improve their memory. This matching game has cards for things like lemurs, hermit crabs, thistles, chameleons, and more (24 pairs in total). It’s perfect for kids ages three and up. Bonus: the game is also sustainably sourced, as it’s made with 90 percent recycled materials and printed with vegetable-based inks.

One reviewer said, “Beautiful and durable memory game! Gone are the days with flimsy cardboard game pieces. This game set consists of well-made pieces that are nice and thick for our 2-year old’s hands and also prevents bending, wear & tear. The illustrations are beautifully colored with bright plants, animals, and nature. There is a good variety of pieces (ie. animals, plants/flowers, etc…) that really helped our child learn about nature in a fun way. I would definitely purchase this item again.”

$17.99 AT AMAZON

The Learning Journey: Match It! Memory

Help your little ones learn and practice their ABCs, and recognize both lowercase and capital letters, the building blocks to reading. This matching game has colorful cards for each letter of the alphabet, as well as an image that reflects that letter. The game is for kids three and up, and there’s also a math and spelling version if you want to practice additional skills.

One reviewer said, “We love this set. The cards are a thick cardboard so they are very durable which is perfect for toddlers. We have spent hours playing and it really helps them to match the capital letter with the lowercase letter. Each match has the same picture which helps them to identify the pair. The box is nice and works great for storage of the cards. At first we were only doing half the alphabet at a time because so many cards seemed overwhelming for them. We were able to add more and more cards and now we play with all of them. They get excited when they do find the match and it’s always fun to see who has the most. Overall, this is a great learning tool. It’s fun and educational at the same time. The cards are very well made and will last a long time. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for educational games for toddlers.”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

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