These Personalized Vitamins Are Giving Us The Stress Support We Need Right Now

by Team Scary Mommy
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and if you have been, you should definitely stay there), you know that we are in the midst of an epic global shutdown. Countries across the world have closed public institutions and moved to initiate social distancing strategies and shelter in place directives that weeks ago seemed totally insane to even think about.

If you’re able to stay at home, you should be doing it, obviously. That probably means you’re doing it along with everyone else in your family, including kids who don’t want to be homeschooled as much as they want to watch TV, play video games, eat all your snacks, and basically drive you even more crazy than you’d be if you were just obsessively reading depressing headlines quietly in the corner of your room.

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Now we’ll tell you something you already know. You. Are. Stressed. Out. So what’s a mom to do when the only potential for “me” time is a carefully scheduled trip to a local grocery store that has less on the shelves than you’d find during a zombie apocalypse.

Stress Sucks

We all know that stress is a necessary evil of everyday life, but abnormally high levels of stress can cause physical problems like headaches, digestive problems, and even changes to heart rate and blood pressure.

Stress can also weaken your immune system which could leave you more susceptible to catching something. It’s part of a mind-body connection studied in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, which we could barely say one time fast, never mind five times.

Staying Healthy Helps

How can you keep stress in check and take care of yourself? Getting proper sleep, for starters. Try deep breathing or meditation (in the rare moment you get to yourself –– maybe in the bathroom?). What about eating healthy? It’s a tough one these days, we know, do the best that you can. And what about maintaining your immune system? Try focusing on products with antioxidants, minerals, and probiotics.

Personalized Vitamins: Tailored To You

Since holing up in your home may also mean consuming copious amounts of Doritos these days (Guilty!) making sure you’re getting the nutrients you need is critical. Care/of is a personalized vitamin service that provides custom recommendations based on your lifestyle and needs. You just take a quick quiz and Care/Of creates a tailored list of vitamins and more to support you today and long term. All their recommendations are backed by their team of nutritional experts which includes a naturopathic doctor.

And if you’re stressing out about the dystopian fanfic that is our world right now you might want to know more about these Care/of superstar ingredients that help manage healthy stress levels and help keep your immune system healthy:

Superberry: Made from a blend of eleven superfruits, superberry is a powerful natural source of vitamin C. Superberry’s antioxidant properties contribute to healthy immune function and can help protect against oxidative stress.*

Immune Support Squad: This pre-pack of immunity-health essentials includes Vitamin C, D, Elderberry, Zinc, and Garlic; powerful antioxidants, minerals, and probiotics designed to support a healthy immune system.*

Quarantine And Chill

When you feel like you can’t control much of what’s going on around us these days, focusing on things you CAN control can help ease stress. Staying healthy is super important all the time, but especially during high-stress phases of life (#thankscorona).

So, keep calm, don’t worry about a few extra Doritos if you need ‘em, and check out Care/of’s personalized vitamin and supplement recommendations to support your immune system. We got this!

Care/of creates a health plan with vitamins, supplements, and more to help you feel your best today and support you long-term. Learn more at

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