Learn to Snap and Edit Great Photos By Learning From Hollywood's Top Photographers

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The struggle of getting a great family photo is real. Mom groups on Facebook are bustling with frantic requests to “remove the trash cans from this photo” or, “can somebody Photoshop my daughter’s closed eyes to be open?” The truth is, all of these issues could be avoided with a little education in spotting a good environment for a photo and understanding how to capture it perfectly.

Photo School: Learn Photography & Photoshop from Hollywood’s Masters is an online batch of photography courses taught by world-renowned celebrity photographers Patrick Hoelck, Michael Muller, and Brian Brown Smith. The team shares their professional insights through 13 courses and 100 lessons in specific focuses like movie poster photography, action photos in natural light, and even the highly-desired Photoshop.

If you’re starting from scratch with your camera knowledge, has a couple of courses to get the ball rolling. The Basics course will teach you all about DSLR and how all of the settings can affect your images. Similarly, a Fundamentals of Professional Photography course covers some beginner-friendly approaches to camera settings, light metering, and lenses.

While knowing your way around a camera is a necessary prerequisite for capturing nice photos, there are tons of areas you can focus on, like outdoor photography, studio sessions, and on-location photography. Each has its own course in the online program to help you understand how to capture album art, natural light, and more in each setting. Even if you aren’t traveling on-location or outdoors, an included Natural Light course covers four lessons that’ll teach you how to make the most of natural light in a studio setting with bounce cards that help reflect light where you need it.

Whether you’re trying to get some better photos for your home’s walls or have a genuine interest in starting your own professional photography career, you don’t have to carve out time to study under a busy, traveling photographer anymore to do it. is giving you access to the same professionals anywhere you have a computer with a 96% discount on lifetime access to the program, at a final price of $99.99.

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