The Internet Is Obsessed With These $30 Moisture-Resistant Pillowcases

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A shower before bed feels amazing, but sleeping with wet hair can have you waking up looking like a bird’s nest, (it’s okay, Blake Lively is here to kill the shame around it). Going to bed with wet hair actually poses much bigger problems than messy tresses— it can actually cause a nasty buildup of moisture, mold, and mildew in your pillow. This DryZzz pillowcase is made with a microfiber and waterproof liner that will protect you and your pillow for under $30.

Good Morning America, BuzzFeed, and more have recommended the DryZzz pillowcase to their viewers and Amazon users have expressed the same enthusiasm with an average 4.5-star review of the two-sided pillowcase. The microfiber side with a waterproofed liner is perfect for hitting the sack with wet hair, and the second side’s regular pillowcase material is perfect for that midnight pillow flip once your hair is dry.

Even if you don’t shower before bed, your pillow could be a victim of nasty mold and mildew growth. Sweat, drool, and leave-in conditioner are all versions of moisture that can cause harmful build-up. The DryZzz protects your pillow with the absorbent and waterproof lining, but can stay fresh itself with a quick machine wash and dry with your regular laundry cycle.

Keep your pillow fresh and your face safe from mold and mildew with a two-pack of the DryZzz pillowcase. Alternate the two cases during your laundry cycle or use them for both you and your partner. You’ll score two calming gray cases at a 31% discount when you act now while the DryZzz two-pack is just $35.99. Get a second set to keep your kids’ pillows safe, too.

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