Pink Ceramic Trees Are The New Valentine's Trend You'll Love

by Madison Vanderberg
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Pink ceramic “Christmas trees” are all the rage this Valentine’s Day

In the last few years, the ’70s “ceramic Christmas tree” has made a comeback. A ceramic Christmas tree is a hand-painted, usually green, miniature table-top tree with twinkle lights on each branch. These, along with those extremely delicate Christmas bulbs, were a staple in every ’70s household, but this Christmas, they came back in full force, and now they’re back (again) for Valentine’s Day.

Pink ceramic Christmas trees are now being repurposed for the February love holiday, so I guess we can just start calling them Valentine’s Day trees now? A lot of people opted for pink, or millennial pink, Christmas trees this year (Khloe Kardashian was one of them), so most of these pink trees are just Christmas products that are still in stock and repurposed for V-day.

If you’re flirting with the idea of busting the tree out for Valentine’s Day, here’s a few pink vintage-inspired ceramic trees you can buy online right now.

This all-pink light-up 11in tree from Best Choice Products, via Amazon, is only $25.99 and comes with a 5ft power cord so you don’t have to deal with batteries.


This 5.5″ ceramic pink tree is actually an ornament, so if you go all out and actually put up a pink full-size tree, you can decorate said tree with a smaller pink ceramic tree. This one is only $7.00 and is available on Amazon.


We also dig this 9.5 inch rose gold mini ceramic tree that comes with multi-colored twinkle lights and is battery-operated. Get this on Amazon for $15.99.


We love this oversized matte pink tree courtesy of QVC. It’s two feet tall and $110 dollars.


And if vintage ceramic trees are just too on-the-nose for you, may we suggest this delightful luxe version courtesy of Lenox online. Although it’s not ceramic, it is glass — so it’s ceramic tree adjacent. This ombre tree set comes with two light-up trees and retails for $29.95.


And if you’re still toying with the idea of a Valentine’s Day tree in general, may we suggest this pink ceramic plug-in night light. Think of it as the gateway tree to non-Christmas holiday tree decor. You can buy this one online for $20.

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First, there were Christmas trees, then there were Halloween trees, so it was only a matter of time before Valentine’s Day got the Christmas treatment too.

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