This Portable Heater Looks Like Chic Decor, And It's On Sale

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If access to your home’s thermostat is like a revolving door these days, you’re not alone. It’s all too common for one person to tick it up a few degrees only for another household member to tick it back down four more a minute later. But keeping everyone in the house comfortable and at peace doesn’t have to be such a battle. A portable heater can follow your coldest family member around the house and this one from Varme even has—get this—a detachable hand warmer. Not that it needs another great feature, but it’s cute to boot.

The modern Nordic Hygge Varme is as innovative as portable heaters get. It heats up in just three seconds and can keep you toasty with its detachable hand warmer for as long as an hour outside. The hand warmer is likely something you haven’t seen before, and the Phase Changing Wax is what makes it’s heating magic possible. You can bring the little warmer along when you walk the dog, wait for the bus, or go on a coffee run. Once that internal wax cools down, you’ll be able to heat it back up in just a few minutes to use all over again.

If you’re thinking of popping this in a frequently chilly child’s room, you’ll have peace of mind with an included alert that sounds when the heater is knocked over and an automatic shut-down after four hours of use. Aside from that alert, though, you’ll barely hear the Varme Portable Air Heater.

The rapid heating technology can adjust to several airflow settings so you’ll never be blasted with too much heat or, worse, begging it for more. Score the sleek and modern Scandinavian-style space heater while it’s 14% off.

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