The Best Pregnancy Lingerie Because Mamas-To-Be Are S-E-X-Y

by Keri Pina
Best pregnancy lingerie
Getty Images / AMSStudioAMS

Pregnancy lingerie might be the last thing on your mind as you’re stocking up on more *practical*undergarments like nursing bras specifically for pumping or maternity-friendly sports bras to support your growing gals. But while it’s great have all the basics taken care of, splurging on some sexy maternity lingerie can help you remember that you’re a mom plus so much more. During this time while you’re body is changing so much, you deserve some lovely negligee that makes you feel as sexy as you are, whether you share it with a partner, model it for a maternity photoshoot, or just enjoy it for yourself.

If you’re expecting, stocking up on steamy (and comfortable) unmentionables is actually pretty easy these days. Retailers finally realize that pregnant and nursing moms still want to feel sexy (who knew?!), and rightfully so. Unlike regular lingerie, maternity lingerie anticipates that you might need breastfeeding access, and your belly may need some extra breathing room so you can really move around unrestricted. So whether you’re planning an overdue date night or need a special getup for some belly-bearing boudoir pictures, we found the best pregnancy and maternity lingerie for sexy moms like you.

Best Pregnancy & Maternity Lingerie

Best Sexy Pregnancy & Maternity Lingerie