Getting 8 Hours Of Sleep In 2021 Is Possible, Thanks To This One-Of-A-Kind Supplement

by Scary Mommy Team
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Insomnia is soooo 2020.

2020 was just a dystopian blur of my kid’s Zoom classes, homework, my own work, and all that fun stuff (including keeping the family safe and sane during a pandemic). The list *literally* never ended. It’s not surprising that I struggled to fall asleep every night: The stress and anxiety of all the added responsibilities and uncertainties had made it so the earliest I finally nodded off was 3 a.m., and then I was back up again at 6 a.m. Not cool! For 2021, one of my resolutions is to finally get better sleep, but luckily I have help.

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A friend recently recommended Proper sleep supplements. After taking Proper for just one week, I saw in my sleep tracker that there’s been a 70 percent increase in “deep sleep,” wake up feeling actually refreshed and well-rested (not groggy, which is how I feel if I take prescribed sleep meds), and have the energy to do more of what I love during the day (like running and yoga) while also taking care of the kid and working all day.

I’ve taken other sleeping supplements and haven’t noticed a difference. With Proper, I was feeling sleepy the first time I took a dose about an hour before I wanted to call it a night. And unlike other supplements, Proper offers five different sleep solutions based on my personal health goals and needs. I got to choose between Core Sleep, Sleep + Restore, Sleep + Calm, Sleep + Immunity, and Sleep + Clarity, each containing natural, obsessively-researched and clinically-backed ingredients that are effective but gentle.


I ended up going with Sleep + Restore, which contains ingredients like valerian root, ashwagandha root, tart cherry, rafuma leaf extract, and both standard and extended-release melatonin. It was the perfect combination to get me feeling relaxed enough to fall asleep, and I truly did feel restored the next day. OMG, my mind and body needed that so badly.

With everything going on in my life (hello, 2020), lack of sleep and being a zombie 90 percent of the time was making everything even harder. I still have to be my kid’s P.E. teacher, and I still have to worry about all the toilet paper possibly running out again (thanks, COVID-19), but at least I’m awake and ready to take on any challenge that comes my way.

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