If 2020 Made You Anti-Pants, Meet The Versatile Jogger You’ll Never Want To Take Off

by Karen Tietjen
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I’ve never been one of those people who can come home from work or an errand run and continue to lounge around in jeans. I’m talking, 30 seconds in the door, and I’ve already unzipped my fly on my way to my room, zeroing in on my sweats (just being honest, here). I would never take an hours-long car ride in anything but leggings, and the thought of napping in pants with a button sounds like some cruel form of punishment. So when my job turned remote, there were some challenges along the way — but swapping my usual jeans for bottoms with a drawstring wasn’t one of them.

Public Rec

With quarantine bans beginning to lift and people starting to mill about, I finally found a reason to dig out my nicer clothes (read: not my husband’s sweatpants) from the depths of my closet. Once it’s safe, my office plans to partially re-open and in-person meetings will no longer be a thing of the past. But in the midst of all this excitement, I’ve come to a realization: I’ve developed a denim aversion and I’m not sure I can go back.

Public Rec

Dramatics aside, I did need a solution — what’s a happy medium between shapeless, saggy sweatpants and stiff, waist-cinching denim? Turns out, it’s Public Rec’s All Day Jogger, which looks like casual streetwear but feels like a pair of leggings.

Here’s why: These joggers are designed with a fit and fabric that flatters. They’re thicker than your average legging, plus they’re fitted to show your shape. The cuffed hem falls right above the ankle and the high waistband cinches in just the right place. And they’re even sized like jeans — 24-38 (and you can choose a 24-30-inch inseam) to ensure a flawless fit.

Public Rec

These pants are perfect for working from home and feeling comfy but put together(ish), plus I can walk my dog or run out for errands without skipping a beat. (And did I mention I’m a toddler mom? Nowadays, mobility is key.) Once the office re-opens, I love that I’ll be able to pop in for the occasional in-person meeting or brainstorm without needing to change out of plaid PJ bottoms. When it comes to long car rides (and hopefully soon, a flight to some exotic destination), these will without a doubt be my travel pant of choice. Just throw on your fave sneakers or sandals, and you’re ready to head out the door.

Yep, Public Rec’s All Day Joggers are so comfortable, I never want to take them off. And since they look sleek and modern enough to wear in almost any situation, I basically don’t have to.

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