Find A Way To Pay For College With This Discounted Scholarship Tool

by Scary Mommy Team
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If you’ve helped a kid apply for college, or recently applied yourself, you know the tedious process it can be. Add in applying for scholarships and you could make a full-time commitment out of the application process alone. TechCrunch, TrustPilot, and Forbes have picked up on a key shortcut to take the legwork out of the scholarship search and application process, and you can access it at a 90% discount today.

ScholarshipOwl is a platform that can both identify relevant scholarships and actually apply for them on your behalf, all within the same portal. Since the search and all applications are housed in one place, you’ll only need to submit your information once, and the system will apply it wherever needed for you automatically. That kind of streamlined organization can take loads of stress off of what can already be a stressful time.

The optimized algorithm sorts and filters your scholarship matches so you can easily find programs that you’re qualified for. Added information like credibility scores and a tally of how many other applicants have applied can help you stay on top of your game. You’ll even have access to track when your application has been reviewed, so you won’t be sitting on pins and needles waiting.

TechCrunch reviewed, “ScholarshipOwl offers a common application for hundreds of scholarships, making a tedious process a little bit easier,” and added features like automated applications for recurring scholarships make it simple and efficient for the applicant.

The AI-powered recommendations and streamlined process are typically available at an annual subscription of around $240. But for a limited time, just in time for the application season, you can get ScholarshipOwl on a lifetime subscription for $119.99. That long-term support will help you stay financially supported through any level of education you take on.

Prices subject to change.

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