What Our Shopping Editors Are Actually Buying This Week

by Gina Vaynshteyn
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Hey, humans reading this: It’s the Scary Mommy Spotted shopping team here, and we wanted to share some of the stuff we’re actually purchasing for ourselves. While we write and edit articles to bring you the very best products out there — from kids gear, to beauty must-haves, to home and kitchen gadgets — we don’t get to spend a lot of time gushing about the cool things that make our lives better, prettier, cozier, or more efficient.

You’d think doing product research all day long would make us want to buy everything in sight, but it’s actually the opposite — we’re really choosy in how we spend our hard-earned cash, and something has to be super worth it to get our (personal) attention. And not to brag, but we’re pretty much gift-giving goddesses at this point, thanks to all this research and browsing. (Yeah … our jobs are pretty freakin’ fun.)

Behold: The products below are ones we’ve bought, tried, and truly think are actually worth it. Enjoy!

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