This Six-Step Air Purifier is 26 Percent Off Today

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With COVID-19 vaccination deployment on the horizon, you might be getting your home ready for reintegrating social interactions into your schedule. While the prospect of returning to life as we knew it is exciting, it’s intimidating after almost a full year of masked encounters. Be prepared by stocking up on cleaning supplies and a quality air purifier, like this Amazon-rated 4.7-star PURO²XYGEN P500 model.

There’s a lot to consider when cleaning your home, office, or classroom— so much that it takes six stages of purification to achieve the level of clean this PURO²XYGEN air purifier provides, including a UV light which one reviewer noted was the reason for their purchase. The process starts with a pre-filter to identify dust, hair, dander, and volatile organic compounds to prevent them from fluttering around your space.

You’ve probably heard of the HEPA filtration system by now, and that’s what comes next in the PURO²XYGEN’s six-step purification system. The HEPA filter is a mechanical high-efficiency particulate air filter that forces air through a fine mesh trap. This one will catch 99.97 percent of particles above 0.3-microns in size, which can be everything from pollen to tobacco smoke.


Speaking of tobacco smoke, the next step in the PURO²XYGEN filtration system is an activated carbon filtration to absorb odors and chemical reactions. Any harmful gasses are tackled next in the cold catalyst filtration.

The six-step system works hard to keep your bubble clean, but you’d never know it based on its super-low noise level and sleek design. The comprehensive system is topped off with a negative ion generator to clean the air from mold spores and other allergens and finally, a UV light sanitizer to kill germs and bacteria.

The threat of harmful particles can make a parent crazy, and there’s only so much you have control over as your kids get older— but the air in your home is one thing you can control. Take the reins with the powerful protection of the PURO²XYGEN P500 Air Purifier while it’s 26 percent off at a special price of $169.97.

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