Skeleton Flamingos For Your Lawn Exist To Scare The Flock Out Of Your Neighbors

by Gina Vaynshteyn
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skeleton flamingos

I was at Target this weekend and, to my distress, discovered not a single Halloween decoration. Like, I’m not talking about empty aisles because all the products are sold out. There are just No. Decorations. Candy? Yes. Plastic pumpkins, fake cobwebs, orange and purple string lights? Nadda. Even the Hearth & Hand decor section only offered a scrawny orange leaf wreath, so I turned to Amazon to get my Halloween decor fix. It was there I discovered the greatest piece of Halloween decor I’ve ever laid eyes on: Skeleton flamingos and other plastic flamingos dressed up for October 31. I never knew how much my landscaping needed zombie flamingos until this very moment.

Not only can you get skeleton flamingos, but you can buy flamingos dressed as witches, skeleton flamingos that glow in the dark (they’re solar-powered and don’t require batteries, FYI), and bright red flamingos that think they’re the devil. They’re between 22” and 33” tall so they’ll for sure stand out. Oh, my Halloween-loving heart is so full.

Here in Los Angeles, it’s unclear what’s happening with Halloween (the city banned trick-or-treating for about seven hours, but then announced trick-or-treating was “allowed” but “strongly discouraged”), but I figured the least we could do is dress our house up and have some fun while we stay in eating fun-sized Snickers for dinner and watching Paranormal Activity/never sleeping again. While the neighborhood kids might not be able to trick-or-treat this year, at least everyone can appreciate our undead lawn flamingos. Best of all, it takes all of two seconds to stick these ghoulish beauties into the dirt. I love me some easy, festive decor.

And when you’re ready for your holiday decorations, Pink Inc. also makes Santa and reindeer flamingos.

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