Give Your Skin The TLC It Deserves With This Multifunctional Skincare Device

by Scary Mommy Team
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Keeping our family going during a pandemic was no joke. And since we’ve been busy keeping everything afloat, our skincare routine likely went out the window. Now that the world is opening up again, the kids are headed off to summer camp and your partner might actually be working out of the office again, moms might finally have time to tend to their skin. And if you’re still not comfortable heading to the spa, the Helios X Facial Rejuvenation LED Infrared Light and Heat Therapy Device is the next best thing. You can use this facial toning device from the comfort of your bathroom, and right now it’s on sale for $75.99, 23% off the usual MSRP of $99.

The Helios X Facial Rejuvenation LED Infrared Light and Heat Therapy Device can give your skin the TLC it deserves. It’s a multi-functional skincare device that is ready to rejuvenate and tone your face. Wondering how it pulls off this multitasking? It’s equipped with three individual technologies that are all ready to improve different aspects of your skin. Thermal heating tends to damage repair, enhancing your skin’s elasticity, while infrared light helps stimulate collagen production by penetrating deep into the skin. Finally, the red light therapy ensures your skin’s pitted scars, rosacea, and age spots are improved, helping sculpt and lift your face with safe rejuvenating light and a warm soothing massage.

Despite all this technology, the Helio X is super easy to use. Just massage your face with it in a circular motion, starting with your cheeks and working through to other areas while putting moderate pressure on the skin. You’ll see great results by using it just 3 times a week for four weeks, and you only need to invest 15 minutes each time. Aside from reaping the benefits with your youthful, rejuvenated skin, you’ll also enjoy a spa-like, relaxing experience with each use.

Give your skin much-needed TLC with the Helios X Facial Rejuvenation LED Infrared Light and Heat Therapy Device. It’s on sale now for just $75.99.

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