Learn Words You'll Actually Use When You Pick Up a New Language With Speakly

by Scary Mommy Team
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If you learned a second language in high school, you probably remember some pretty random words and phrases, like “engrapadora” if you took Spanish or “usine” if you took French. Technology made communication more efficient with the inventions of cell phones and emails, and now, technology is making learning a new language easier with a scientific algorithm that selects only the most statistically relevant words so you’ll optimize your time by learning words you’ll actually need and use.

The cool technology can be found in the Speakly app, which hosts Spanish, English, and even Estonian in the batch of eight languages to choose from. Apple Store users gave it an average of 4.8 stars out of 5, for features that facilitate speedy and practical learning that allow you to become completely fluent in a new language by taking on just 4000 new and optimized words.

It only takes about 100 hours of studying to confidently put your newly learned language to use. The accelerated process is the result of Speakly’s scientific algorithm that prioritizes lessons around useful words and topics. Rather than learning about the words for every utensil in the kitchen, your time will be efficiently spent learning words you’ll need to know in order to socialize, order food, and get directions in a foreign country.

HuffPost, TechCo, Steamed, and Aripaev have gotten behind Speakly, and users are reaping the benefits. Ali A. reviewed, “This is an amazing app[.] I supplement it with my Russian study and it helps me practice and immerse [myself] in the language, I like the podcast and conversation features…”

Writing, speaking, or listening your way through the 1200 new words it takes to get confident in a new language with Speakly is usually $399, but you can get a lifetime subscription to this language-learning app at an 82% discount today for a one-time payment of $69.99.

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