25 Teen Gift Ideas, Because Who Even Knows What They Like?

by Steph Osmanski
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Best Teen Gift Stickers

Is there a more stressful situation than buying a gift for a teenager? Oh, wait, yes, we can think of one—raising a teenager. Teens are moody, their minds are always changing, and it can be hard, as a parent or aunt or family friend to decipher what’s on a teen’s wishlist. Is this cool? Not cool? How the f*ck is an out-of-touch adult supposed to know?

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That’s where we come in, Moms. Teens may be wishy-washy and fickle, figuring out who they are and what they like, but all the items on this gift guide for teens are fair game no matter what. From highly-coveted tech gifts for teenage guys to games and stylish accessories, gift the teen in your life any one of these products and you’re bound to be hearing “thank you’s” until they reach their 20’s.

From VSCO girl-approved accessories to the latest gadgets, here are the best gifts for teens.

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