Keep 'Em Occupied With Their Very Own Headphones

by Katie Bond
Originally Published: 
Kenos Toddler Kid Headphones

Looking for something to occupy your busy-body, overly fussy toddler? If you’ve already tried ALL the things, we have a little secret: toddler headphones. Whether you opt for screen time or stick to mostly music, these bad boys give your sweet, but high-maintenance kiddo, their own little world of volume-controlled sound and distraction from minutes to hours. Perfect for car rides, plane travel, or just some at-home chill time. We’ve got all kinds of options here, too: magical, glowing unicorns, travel-friendly finds, and even headphones themed around their favorite Disney characters (oh hey, Elsa!).

Check out our picks and get that Netflix queue or Caspar Babypants album downloaded STAT. Happy listening #toddlermamas.

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