Your Kids Will Have A Blast (Off) With These 10 Toy Rockets & Launchers

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best rocket ship toys
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Toy rockets are a natural choice if your kid loves everything about space (or you’re just searching for tempting toys to pry their attention away from the iPad for a while). Space-crazy kids are easy to spot—they’re the ones who are glued to their mini telescopes before (or after!) bedtime, are constantly drawn to STEM toys, and have their own mini solar systems in their rooms. (By the way, wanna feel old? It’s been 15 years since Pluto was a planet.)

These awesome rocket ship toys and toy rocket launchers just might inspire hours of pretend play. (Fingers crossed.) And if your kid happens to be a fan of launching things into the air (and I mean, who isn’t?), a toy rocket launcher will, fortunately, make much, much less mess than the Diet Coke + Mentos trick, even if one or more of the rockets does end up on your roof… and they will.

Best Rocket Ship Toys

Best Toy Rocket Launchers


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