8 Berry Best Smoothie Essentials For National Smoothie Day & Every Day

by Steph Osmanski
Originally Published: 
Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Just in time for the official kickoff of summer, Sunday, June 21 was National Smoothie Day! This national holiday is a godsend for parents. As you know if you’ve ever had the pleasure of feeding a toddler, it’s not exactly easy encouraging a preschooler to eat their fruits and veggies. (It’s enough to drive a mom to drink a cocktail… or at least reach for an extra cup of her morning coffee.) But smoothies are the ultimate Trojan Horse! Blend some fruits and vegetables and your picky eater will never know they’re being sneak-attacked with a one-two punch of nutrition.

Popular smoothie chains like Smoothie King and Tropical Smoothie Café certainly make it easy to enjoy healthy smoothies on the go, but with a few key kitchen essentials, you too can become a queen of making smoothies at home.

Aside from totally tricking your little ones into sucking down some vitamins, smoothies are convenient and make for some easy clean-up, too. You don’t need a lot to nail your smoothie recipes. Whether you’re blending up a tropical strawberry banana smoothie, green smoothie, or the healthy smoothies of your choice, you’ll need the best blender for smoothies, delicious produce (frozen counts), and some smoothie-friendly cups and bowls. That’s all!

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