14 Best Weekend Bags For Women Who Travel 2021

Weekend Bags That Carry All Your Stuff (Even If You’re Only Traveling For 3 Days)

March 25, 2021 Updated August 24, 2021

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Oh, weekend getaways, how we’ve missed them. If you’re ready to start taking weekend trips again, it might be time to buy a new weekend bag — you know, since the ones you own have probably been collecting dust for the past year. Whether you’re looking for a bag that’s smaller than a carry-on suitcase, one that’s bigger than your current travel purse, or just a stylish upgrade (we feel you), we’ve got some chic weekender bags for women right here.

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After scouring the internet, we found spacious duffle bags, super cute totes, and other weekender bags that have plenty of room for your clothes, shoes, hand sanitizer, etc. If you tend to pack on the heavier side (like, your entire closet for example), you might want to consider a bag that’s on the sturdier side, like a duffle. It’s been a weird year, and now that things are starting to get a little safer, you deserve to go on all the (safe) weekend trips you’ve been dreaming about. But before you do, get yourself a sweet new bag!

Best Weekender Bag

CAMTOP Weekend Travel Bag

A cute, practical, and durable bag that gets the job done. It’s made of soft canvas that isn’t too stiff to carry around, and it has a convenient shoulder strap to make the carrying around part more comfortable. According to reviews, this bag is big enough to fit clothes and shoes for a five day trip — give or take, of course. It comes in 13 chic styles.

$41.99 AT AMAZON

S-ZONE Oversized Canvas weekender Bag

Not to be an alarmist, but this might be the perfect casual bag for any and all weekend trips. Available in six colors, this canvas bag with leather trim has a retro vibe with “disorderly wrinkles, scars, and scratches,” the company notes. It has pockets on the outside for your phone or other items you need to quickly grab. One reviewer wrote, “This bag is durable, attractive and comes ready to hold anything one could possibly need with six large pockets, two slim ones and a spacious interior. Heavy duty, good looking and an absolute steal.”

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Madewell (Re)sourced Painted Leopard Weekend Bag

Who says your luggage can’t showcase your personality? This leopard print bag made from recycled polyester has multipurpose uses. Use it to pack your items for a weekend trip, use it as a total mom bag with all the parenting essentials, or shove your groceries inside during a shopping trip. It has tons of pockets for all your things, including a laptop.


Steve Madden Designer Weekender Bag

A fancy weekender duffle bag on wheels! This bag gives off an “I’m elegant, but also practical” vibe. It comes in five colors, is lightweight, and it can be used as a carry-on, overnight bag, gym bag, or even a hospital bag for labor and delivery. One reviewer wrote, “Took a three day trip with this one carry-on duffel bag. Inside I packed a men’s size 12 walking shoe, a size 12 dress shoe, three outfits, undergarments, a shaving kit, toiletries, and a laptop. Still had room.”

$99.99 AT AMAZON

Herschel Strand Shoulder Bag

This stylish bag made of 100% polyester comes in four colors, and they’re all super cute. There aren’t any pockets inside, but three pockets on the outside provide accessibility to the things you need to quickly grab (like your phone, keys, chapstick, etc.). It has ample space for everything you need for a weekend trip.

$65.00 AT AMAZON

HYCOO Travel Overnight Bag

A stylish bag with all the bells and whistles! This water-resistant bag is roomy and gives you the option to separate wet and dry items, plus it has a pocket for shoes. Thoughtful, right? It can be used as a handbag or cross bag, and it has a pocket for your laptop, as well as several internal and external organizational pockets. An integrated trolley sleeve slides over a luggage handle, which means you can carry one less thing while traveling through an airport.

$26.99 AT AMAZON

MyMealivos Weekender Tote

The perfect mix between a tote and a duffle, this hand-crafted boho beauty is made of premium canvas and soft faux leather accents with a cotton lining. It comes in three different designs, and they all have plenty of interior and exterior pockets. The bag has a shoe compartment as well as enough space to hold your things for a long weekend trip. One reviewer wrote, “I purchased this bag with very low expectations because it was rather cheap and knew I’d be getting low quality. I was WRONG! I was rather shocked when I saw how sturdy it was. Obviously it cant hold a ton of weight but I just need it for clothes, shoes, and my makeup bag so nothing extreme.”


Best Women’s Duffle Bag

Jadyn Large Duffle Bag

This bag is pretty on the outside and on the inside. And by pretty on the inside, we mean spacious with  convenient compartments for all your weekend trip essentials. You’ll be surprised by how much you can pack in this bag, with plenty of room for souvenirs for the kiddos. (Yup, that’s still a thing.) One reviewer wrote, “I love the feminine look this bag has, the straps are the most comfortable straps and easy on my shoulders, has a compartment for my gym clothes and shoes, holds my 64 oz water bottle, my lunch bag and hygiene bag.”

$42.99 AT AMAZON

PUMA Evercat Align Women's Duffel

The perfect blend of weekend bag and sports bag. You have the option to carry this bag by the handles or over your shoulder. It has a sleek black and gold design with ample room on the inside. One reviewer wrote, “Has an outside small pocket, big enough to hold your phone, keys, ID. Inside, there’s a small pocket as well, which I used to hold my pads/tampon. Plenty of space inside, that I can never seem to fill up. Great quality too!”

$19.85 AT AMAZON

Conway Travel Duffel Bag

This no-frills waterproof and foldable duffle bag is durable and sturdy. It comes in three colors with the option for 65L, 85L, or 115L, depending on how much space you need. It has one large main compartments, six pockets, and a shoulder strap with a cushion for comfort. A side shoe pocket has two ventilated air vents, perfect for stinky shoes or stinky laundry.

$25.99 AT AMAZON

Oflamn Large Canvas Duffle Bag

If cool was a bag, this would be it. This canvas bag comes in eight color options and is big enough to fit two to four days worth of weekend essentials. It has an inner pocket, as well as two large outer pockets, and it meets flight regulations as a carry-on. It has a built-in shoe compartment, and it comes with a free toiletry bag. Hooray for bonus free things!


Vera Bradley Signature Cotton Duffle Bag

Made from 100% quilted cotton, this signature Vera Bradley bag isn’t just cozy, it’s also a great way to pack in style. With 27 designs to choose from, several pockets for smaller items, and a soft shoulder strap, this bag is an ideal travel companion. One reviewer wrote, “I had been needing a new travel duffel (rest in peace, old no-name duffel with a broken zipper) when I saw these were on sale. I am so glad I did: I LOVE IT. It is definitely a Vera Bradley (the lining is so pretty) and has sufficient little pockets inside and out for the odds and ends every seasoned traveler knows they need to pack (and find without completely unpacking).”

$91.65 AT AMAZON

Best Weekender Tote

Kate Spade Flower Jacquard Stripe Everything Large Tote

We know this Kate Spade bag is expensive, BUT… if you’re looking for a designer weekender bag, this one is too pretty not to consider. This jacquard tote with textured fabrics and woven patterns was made at a centuries-old, family-owned textile mill in northern Italy. It can fit everything you need for a weekend away, including a laptop. While we can’t stop staring at the colors of this bag, it also comes in blue. One reviewer wrote, “LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BAG! good enough for work, toddler supplies, and travel! the smaller wristlet attached on the inside is a bonus.”


Lululemon Take It On Tote

You don’t have to be going to the gym to get good use out of this Lululemon tote. Designed for people on the move, this water-repellent bag is the perfect size for a weekend trip. It has interior pockets for your “items of importance,” as well as an exterior pocket for your phone and other essentials. It’s available in four colors.


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