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Well-rounded health isn’t just comprised of the six-pack your mom-idol has on Instagram; it includes exercising your body and your mind. As a busy parent, you probably don’t have time to meditate, do cardio, and strength train separately, but practicing yoga can actually take care of them all in one workout. What’s even more enticing is you can do yoga right at home, anytime you feel like it, with a YogaDownload subscription.

YogaDownload is a subscription to over 1500 workout classes for participants of all levels with exceptional reviews like, “I thought it was just a variety of yoga, but it really has it all. Barre is my favorite and that was an extra surprise.” Another user rated it with five stars noting he loved the instructors.

Consistent practice of yoga can change your life by rewiring your brain to be more calm, centered, and less reactive. All of that and a strong body from one workout is tough to beat. The YogaDownload subscription is the perfect tool to practice with classes for beginners and experienced users alike. New classes are added weekly to keep you on your toes (literally). It’s the perfect way to release the tension of your tech neck after a long work week.

One of the major perks of practicing yoga with YogaDownload is its convenience: you can stream it anywhere you have internet. But an internet-based program can quickly become inconvenient if you have poor service or none at all. YogaDownload is all about keeping you calm and centered, and not even a bad internet connection will ruffle your feathers because you can download in advance any courses you plan to use and enjoy the benefits of your subscription offline.

Get your body and mind right this year with the steady practice of yoga. YogaDownload is offering their subscription to unlimited yoga practice for a full year at the price of $29—that’s a 75 percent discount.

Prices subject to change.

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