15 Spring Baby Names Perfect For Your Little Sprout

by Rita Templeton
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Springtime and babies have a lot in common. They’re long-awaited, everything is fresh (um, aside from the diapers), and both signify the beginning of a new chapter of life. Awww.

If — like many other members of the animal kingdom — you’re expecting a spring arrival, it’s only fitting to choose a baby name that reflects the vibrant, renewed feeling of this joyful time of year. Right?

These names are inspired by everything spring, from its botanical bounty, to the animals emerging from their winter hideaways, to the ancient deities and astrological signs that rule over the season.

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The fragrant perfume of this beautiful flowering bush is one of the hallmarks of spring — and their soft purple hue is right on par with this year’s predicted trend in muted color names, fitting right in with counterparts Navy, Gray, and Mauve.

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At first glance this may not seem to have anything to do with springtime — but it’s a Greek name meaning “green shoot,” as in the kind that pokes up through the dirt when the sun finally decides to come out and warm the earth on a consistent basis.


This name means “mother,” and it’s an homage to the fertility of Maia, the Roman goddess of spring, for whom the month of May is named. Of course, the name Mae itself can be a perfectly fitting homage, too.


The appeal of word names is that they invoke feelings. When you hear Meadow, you can practically feel the breeze as it rustles through the lush green grasses and beautiful wildflowers, and if that doesn’t scream “spring,” I don’t know what does.


Bird names have always been popular (bet you know a Robin!). But while some can feel a little dated, Wren has a more modern feel. It’s simple, cheerful, and understated. If Wren’s not your cup of tea, or you prefer a more unisex name, you could go with Lark or Sparrow.

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A botanical name, but not as delicately flowery as Lily, Rose, or Violet, and synonymous with good fortune. Clover is found in almost all types of climates, so the name suggests something hardy and adaptable — great qualities for your little spring-born girl.


The name of the Nordic goddess of fertility, love, and beauty, linked to new spring growth. But don’t let that fool you. Freya evokes a sense of strength; she was also the goddess of war, after all.


April babies get the privilege of having this sparkler as their birthstone. But while diamonds may famously be “a girl’s best friend,” the name itself can be unisex.


A small, babbling stream — a.k.a. a brook — fits perfectly into a spring landscape, and they seem to come to life once the winter releases its icy grip on their waters and allows them to move freely again. Brooks works better for a baby boy, but for girls, there’s always Brooke.


Babies born from March 20-April 20 will fall under this astrological sign, so why not make it clear from the first introduction? That is, if their stubborn ram nature doesn’t give it away before then.


Derived from the Latin “Pascha,” which means “Easter,” this French version of the name was traditionally given to little boys born around that holiday … which is always in the spring, which makes this name fit perfectly into the list.

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Not just human babies are born in the spring — it’s prime baby season for many species, and a chance to celebrate the joy of new life. You don’t really wanna name your kid Calf or Chick, but Colt is a fine option! (Got a girl? Try Fawn.)


In the Christian tradition, Palm Sunday takes place on the Sunday before Easter, and commemorates Jesus’s arrival in Jerusalem, when people lined his path with palm leaves. Palmer is a fitting, yet subtle nod to this time of year, as the name doesn’t immediately make you think of spring.


Some sources say this name means “stream,” and others say it means “bee cottage,” but either meaning is great for a spring baby — especially the latter, since spring is the start of beekeeping season, and bees are frequent visitors of all those gorgeous spring flowers blooming.


What’s the main appeal of springtime? The amazing transformation of nature, of course! And nowhere is that transformation more evident than in a forest, where the bare trees suddenly leaf out into shade. (Wanna get even more specific — and, okay, a little crunchier? There’s always Leaf.)

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