This Squirrel Photobombed A Couple’s Engagement Photos And It Was Incredible

by Jerriann Sullivan
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Squirrel photobombed couple’s engagement photos at Banff National Park

A squirrel photobombed a couple’s engagement photos, and the results are hilarious and adorable.

Kelin Flanagan and Spencer Taubner’s were at beautiful Banff National Park with photographers Marcin and Dorota Karpowicz of BDFK Photography in Alberta, Canada earlier this month when a surprise visitor showed up and stole the show. “Our intention was to take romantic photos of the couple – and the squirrel showed up,” the photographers told Scary Mommy.

We see that it’s really hard not to be upstaged by an adorable squirrel, even when you are surrounded by all this natural beauty.

The result was nothing short of amazing. The ground squirrel looks like a professional animal model holding up its food to the camera with bulging cheeks and a priceless look on its tiny animal face. The couple loved the squirrel’s unexpected appearance and said they couldn’t stop laughing during the shoot. “We love taking ridiculous-looking photos ― I can’t count the number of selfies we have of us making silly faces ― and we did not expect that we’d end up with such a funny, wonderful picture out of a more romantic photo shoot,” Flanagan shared with The Huffington Post.

Image via B.D.F.K. Photography.

The couple had planned to hike to Helen Lake and Cirque Peak with stops for photos in between, which is not an easy trek. The lake trail alone can take up to four hours and has an elevation gain of more than 1500 feet. The adventurous couple made it to the lake and changed into formal outfits, but bad weather crept in and forced the group to head back down. “On our way back we saw a nice spot for the photos ― a kind of stony area. When we started shooting, the squirrel showed up,” Marcin explained. The photographers take a lot of their engagement and wedding photos in rural areas but this seems to be their first encounter with wildlife showing up at a shoot.

Image via B.D.F.K. Photography.

Now the soon-to-be newlyweds, they’re getting married next month, have an engagement photo no one will forget. In fact, the whole day will be a funny memory for the couple who said that in addition to the bad weather and photobombing squirrel, Flanagan also fell into a lake when they were taking photos. “Between that and the squirrel, I don’t think I could have had a more entertaining photo shoot day,” she said.

Which is a perfect story to tell for the couple who didn’t have a traditional engagement or proposal. They met ten years ago during their first year of college when both joined a Celtic band. The bride-to-be elaborated on their non-conventional ways saying, “We [just] talked about getting married and decided it was a great idea.”

Obviously the squirrel agreed.

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