Stacy London From 'What Not To Wear' Comes Out In Powerful Instagram Post

by Cassandra Stone
Stacy London/Instagram

The fashion icon shared a series of photos of her girlfriend

Stacy London, formerly of TLC’s What Not To Wear, recently shared a powerful Instagram post where she addressed rumors about her dating life by coming out. She also shared some gorgeous photos of her girlfriend.

In the caption for the post, London reveals that she is in her first relationship with a woman, musician Cat Yezbak, and that they have been together for over a year. She also explains why she decided to tell the world about it now.

“NOT THAT IT’S ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS BUT… I may as well address all the stuff I hear floating around out there,” she begins.

After losing her father at the end of 2018, London says she was in a “truly dark place” of grief. She was also dealing with a difficult recovery from spinal surgery. She says meeting and falling in love with Yezbak helped her come out of the darkness and find “incredibly joy.”

She says she hasn’t “paraded her around on social media” for many reasons. First and foremost, she says she hasn’t loved being in public relationships in the past. She also wanted to treat her first serious relationship with a woman with some privacy, but makes it clear that “I would never hide her out of shame.”

That’s when the post really takes a turn into something powerful. London, a 50-year-old white woman with a fair amount of privilege, acknowledges that someone like her likely wouldn’t have to face serious repercussions for dating a woman.

“Unlike me, there are countless people in the LGBTQIA+ community who have had no choice in who they are, no love from family on which to lean, no support from anyone anywhere,” she writes. “I fell in love, truly in love, with this beautiful, sexy, kind soul and I won’t apologize for that but I stand on the shoulders of a community that fought like hell for me to be able to do that openly and proudly and EASILY.”

It’s profound that she’s using her platform and her celebrity to call attention to queer people who haven’t had an easy time simply being who they are and loving who they love. And to acknowledge that so much work has gone into LGBTQIA+ activism to allow people like London to love her girlfriend freely.

“It’s one thing to SAY Love is Love. It’s another thing to say Love is Passion and Devotion and Sex and mean it without shame or prejudice when talking about the same sex,” she says. “So I used to date men. Now I date her. That’s it. That’s all I have to say. Happy New Year to each and every one of you. I am wishing you the best of everything this coming year. Bring it 2020. Let’s go.”