Celebrities Are Putting Money On A Starbucks Gift Card That Anyone Can Access

by Thea Glassman
Image via Mark Ruffalo/Twitter

Mark Ruffalo started a really brilliant pay it forward initiative and you can join in too

There’s a lot of reasons to love Mark Ruffalo. He’s a great actor, a dedicated activist, and anyone in the world would be happy to eat razzles with him. Now, here’s one more important thing to add to this list. Ruffalo bought a $100 gift card to Starbucks and posted the barcode on Twitter. Anyone can access it, and the actor encouraged each person who uses it to add money on for the next person. This is the exact kind of holiday cheer we all need right about now.

Ruffalo took to Twitter to share his #PayItForwardChallenge. “I was so inspired by your generous spirit during the #PayItForwardChallenge last year that I want to do it again this holiday season!” he wrote. “Enjoy a drink on me this morning. I encourage you to add on to this gift card or start your own.”

All you have to do is show this barcode to the barista and you’ve got yourself a nice, warm drink on the house. You can add money onto the card while you’re there, as well.

Ruffalo then tagged a bunch of other actors and encouraged them to buy their own Starbucks gift cards and offer them to the public. Zendaya stepped up to the plate, bought a $100 gift card, and shared it on Twitter. We may never be able to actually hang with either of these actors but, for a few minutes, we can share a frothy beverage with them.

The best part about all this? People across Twitter started buying their own Starbucks gift cards and offering them online. Everybody was treating everybody to a holiday drink and the world has officially become a slightly smaller, happier place.

AND as if that wasn’t enough joy, people were posting pictures of themselves enjoying their complimentary drinks. Be still my heart.

One more lovely thing to add to your day? Ruffalo also bought a $200 gift card to Barnes & Noble so people can buy books for free.

Just so, so much applause for Mark Ruffalo and the rest of the holiday elves who are making people’s days this holiday season. More things like this please.