Why Steak Is The Only Meal Delivery I Want

by Team Scary Mommy

We. Work. Hard. Physically, emotionally, mentally ⏤ our days are stacked. When 4 p.m. rolls around, we’re not ready to rally. We’re tired, we’re starving, and we’re not even done for the day.

Of course, I want my meal delivered, but do I really want pizza (AGAIN) or do I want delicious steak and potatoes? I want Omaha Steaks! I know what you’re thinking: “Omaha Steaks? What my dad used to rave about?” Yep, those steaks are still delivered to your door, and our dads are still raving about them.

Sure, we could make a quick salad, but after a hard day, I need meat. I want flavor. I want something I can sink my teeth into, but something that isn’t complicated to make. Even better, I want something delivered to my door that he wants to make. (It’s a team effort here, people.)

That’s where Omaha Steaks comes into play. They have steak, potatoes, pork, chicken, even lobster! Surf and turf delivered? YES, PLEASE.

Also, it’s the perfect gift for the holiday season. We already know Dad loves it, so what does he want? Probably steak. Your brother? Steak. Even the mail delivery person is dying for steak. I want steak for myself, too.

The holidays are chaotic enough. Omaha Steaks takes the stress out of the holidays because it’s delivered. And their meals are so delicious that even your mother-in-law won’t find anything to complain about. And that’s why, for a limited time, Omaha Steaks is offering Scary Mommies 45% off plus free shipping.

So give a gift that the whole family will appreciate: a meal they won’t have to cook themselves. Omaha Steaks have been taking the stress out of dinner and the holidays since 1917.

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