Having a Baby? 9 Things You Should Know About Stem Cell Banking

by Scary Mommy Partners
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Having a baby? Congratulations! You’ve already probably heard a bit about cord blood and stem cell banking. It’s an exciting technology, but you need solid facts to make a decision whether it’s right for you.

As part of this effort, Scary Mommy has partnered with Americord, the fastest growing private cord blood bank in the country. If you’re expecting or you have a friend who is, you (or she) can get a free information kit, plus an exclusive discount code worth $250 off the cost of stem cell banking. Just call (917) 338-6788, or click here to claim the exclusive offer.

Meantime, here are some of the most fascinating things about this amazing technology. Is it right for you? Read on—and get the free information kit so you can make your own choice.

1. Stems cells can transform into almost any kind of cell

This is the core reason why mom-to-be consider stem cell banking. Stem cells recovered from cord blood can become any of the blood cells and components in our bodies— white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, etc. We hope of course that your child never has a health issue that requires them, but if they do, stem cell banking could give them an amazing scientific option.

2. Cord tissue can grow into many kinds of body tissue.

People often think just of cord blood when they think of stem cell banking, but there’s also cord tissue and placenta to consider. Cord tissue cells for example, can transform into many types of cells and tissues, including organs, muscles, skin and bone. When your body can’t regenerate tissue, stem cells just might be able to.

3. They can potentially save your baby from 80+ diseases.

Here’s the point. Stem cells from cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue can be used to treat 80 serious diseases—conditions like leukemia, lymphoma and osteoporosis. The list keeps growing as science advances, too. Trials are now to potentially treat autism, cerebral palsy, diabetes, spinal injuries and others.

4. Moms: Placenta tissue can save you, too.

Placenta tissue can develop and grow into organ cells, muscle tissue, skin and bone. And much like your baby’s cord blood stem cells, which are a 100% genetic match for your baby, placenta tissue is a 100% genetic match for mom.

5. Even other family members can benefit.

In some cases, your baby’s cord blood stem cells can be used to help other relatives as well. Cord blood is a 50% genetic match for siblings and a 25% match for parents. There are even cases of cord tissue being a genetic match for grandparents. We heard about one grandpa whose grandchild’s cord tissue meant he could have a knee replacement!

6. A placenta concierge? Yep, it’s a thing.

You have a lot of choices when you decide to bank cord blood and tissue, and if you use our partner Americord they’ll make it very easy. Americord will send you a free collection kit—or even shuttle it over by Uber to your hospital free of charge. Within a few hours after giving birth, a medical courier will arrive to pick up the kit from your bedside, and rush it to the lab for processing.

7. You control the process, not your doctor.

Stem cell banking is a very personal decision, and it’s yours to make. Keep your collection kit from Americord with your hospital go-bag, and you’ve got everything your medical practitioner needs to collect stem cells after your birth. Even if you change your mind about the type of cells you want to collect, simply tell your doctor – it is your right.

8. It’s secure for 20 years—or more.

Cord blood, cord tissue and placenta tissue can be stored for many years-until your child reaches early adulthood if you wish. While other cord blood banks charge you annual storage fees, Americord includes 20 years of storage, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

9. No pressure—get the discount now but decide later.

Cord blood banking is a big decision and a financial investment for many families. You might think of it like an insurance plan—you hope that you never have to use it, but you’d be glad to have it if you ever did need it.

You’re probably not going to make a decision based on simply reading one article, nor should you. One way to learn more: get the free digital information kit. Download it now, and you’ll also lock in an exclusive $250 discount if you decide later to bank with Americord—just for being a Scary Mommy reader.

Click to call below (or just dial (917) 338-6788), and get your FREE Americord Info Kit on stem cell banking. You’ll also receive a promo code for $250 in exclusive savings as a Scary Mommy reader, in case you decide later to choose stem cell banking. Don’t want to call? No problem, just click here and fill out the form.

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